Get a Shiny New Samsung S8 with amaysim’s Latest Offer

New Galaxy S8

For years now, amaysim phone plans have provided incredible value for their customers that other companies have constantly tried to keep pace with. And their current range of Unlimited plans take some beating! Even better, you can now order the new Samsung S8 through the telco and enjoy some awesome perks.

Powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, amaysim’s plans take the worry out of the everyday use of your mobile by giving you unlimited calls, text messages and MMS. Plus, you also get unlimited standard calls to ten major international countries. The sense of freedom that comes with an unlimited call plan is perfect for those first few months with a shiny new phone, too. After all, you’re going to be using it all the time. And amaysim’s generous data allowances complete the plans, with particularly keen value on the higher-end of their offerings.

The plans to go for

The four unlimited amaysim phone plans cover a range of monthly price points from $25 to $50 (billed every 28 days). All of them feature the same unlimited national calls, texts and MMS. For those whose data usage is fairly modest – browsing web sites, using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others – the $29.90 3GB plan is going to be plenty. It might not sound like a lot compared to some of the big-data-limit plans available these days, but it’s actually enough for most users.

However, if you’re about to get a brand new smartphone, you’re likely going to be going a bit harder on the data as you play with your new pride and joy and test the limits of what it can do. For those occasions, amaysim’s top two plans are the way to go. You can get a hefty 7GB of data on the $39.90 plan, or go all-out and enjoy 9GB for $49.90. That latter plan also adds five hours of international calling to 22 more countries on top of the already-included international calls, too.

So you’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy S8…

amaysim doesn’t usually do phone plans. But the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 (and its large-scale sibling, the S8+) has people excited for good reason. This is an all-new refinement of the legendary Samsung Galaxy range which turns heads from the moment people see the phone’s massive, edge-curved screen which dominates the entire face of the device. If ever there was a time for amaysim mobile phones to become a thing, this is the phone to do it with.

The Samsung S8 feature set is pretty jaw-dropping even on paper, including:

  • 5.8” Super AMOLED edge-to-edge display (6.2” on the S8+)
  • Ultra-fast 8-core Exynos processor
  • 12-megapixel main camera and 8 megapixel front camera
  • Secure iris scanner for the ultimate in personal biometric security
  • Water and dust resistant to the IP68 standard – up to 1.5m deep
  • Download speeds up to 1Gb/s
  • 64GB of storage with a MicroSD slot to easily add more
  • Advanced fast charge technology

All of this tech is the culmination of what Samsung has learned from generations of the Galaxy series. The screen in particular has to be seen to be believed – almost the entire face of the phone is the screen, with digital controls replacing clunky buttons. This phone is blazingly fast, incredibly lightweight, boasts Samsung’s famous high-quality cameras and is up for pretty much anything the modern online world can throw at it.

Get your S8 from amaysim with three free renewals

New Galaxy S8

As we’ve said before on the site, buying your smartphone outright is a wise investment. You get complete freedom when it comes to the provider you want to go with and can switch at any time. You aren’t locked into a multi-year contract and the phone is yours to sell or hand down to a family member or friend if you want to. amaysim’s stock of the S8 and S8+ is sourced directly from Samsung and comes with a full 24 month warranty, with this sleek slice of technical brilliance available in three different colours – Midnight Black, Orchid Grey or Maple Gold – for $1199 for the S8, or $1349 for the S8+.

There’s nothing unusual about those prices for these phones… except for one thing. Whether you’re an existing amaysim customer or new to the provider, they’ll give you three months of their unlimited amaysim plans completely free when you buy an S8 through them. If you pick the top 9GB plan, that’s $150 you won’t be paying for the unlimited calls, text and tons of data to power your new device.

And the best part is, there’s no obligation to stay after your free three months – there’s no contracts to deal with here. Though amaysim’s betting you’ll like their service enough that you’ll want to stick around!

Is this deal right for you?

If you’re the sort of person who likes to own their tech outright – having complete control of what you can do with it – and the idea of being stuck in a restrictive long-term contract isn’t for you, then this is a brilliant deal. You’ll effectively get a brand-new Australian-market S8 at an unbeatable price when you take into account the money you would have otherwise spent on a mobile plan for the first three months. Plus, having access to 9GB/month to get you started is perfect.

The phone itself is getting rave reviews and has set the standard for eye-popping screen size – if the pictures tempt you, you’ve probably already decided you want one. And amaysim’s offer is a great way to get that desirable little device into your life.


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