Kayo Vs WatchNRL – How to Watch NRL Live

kayo vs watch nrl

As long-time fans of the National Rugby League will know all too well, the code was one of the first major ports in Australia to make the move to putting streams of their live games online, making sure that their dedicated fans were able to keep up with their teams no matter where they were. The NRL’s own streaming offering – WatchNRL – is only available outside of Australia. However, without this restriction, we go head to head between WatchNRL and Kayo Sports to understand the functionality of these streaming sports services.

Enter the new player – Kayo Sports. This brand-new sport-only streaming service is an absolute dream for fans – a smartly designed, feature-packed, high-quality streaming service backed by innovative features and a true embrace of its existence as an app-based service, rather than a broadcast one. Kayo has access to the resources of Fox Sports, meaning not only do they provide comprehensive coverage of the NRL season each and every week and every single game, they also cover dozens and dozens of other sports from Australia and around the world.

What Makes Kayo Different to WatchNRL streaming service

While the goal of both services is to deliver live streams of games to fans as they happen, the veteran WatchNRL service is far more straightforward in its approach. It’s been around for some years now, and its goal is pretty simple – to deliver reliable NRL streams of every game to people residing outside of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, viewable on whatever connected platform you have access to. And aside from constantly updated on-screen scores (and replays available on demand), that’s pretty much all there is to it. The service now has a basic Apple TV app so you can watch on your TV, which is a nice advancement.

Kayo, on the other hand, was born in this new age of streaming TV powered by smart apps, and the developers that Kayo have tasked with putting their site and apps together have done a stellar job. First of all, you’ll find your game will be available to stream in full 1080p high definition, whether it’s on a mobile device (modern phones way exceed HD quality these days) or a big-screen TV. You’ll also find it looks smoother than usual – because Kayo streams at 50 frames per second, double what you’ll find on regular broadcast TV. That translates into a much better visual experience for fans of the game.

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What Else do Kayo and WatchNRL Deliver?

The real point of difference with Kayo comes from its feature set, accessible whether you’re viewing via their web site, on a portable device or on your TV (with the Apple TV app in particular being loaded with extra features). Comprehensive stats are available for each and every game, updated in real time as the game happens. A unique SplitView feature lets you pick up to three other games to stream at the same time as the one you’re watching, letting you keep an eye on all the sport that’s important to you without having to channel hop to get there.

And best of all, both delayed live streaming and on-demand replays have a feature called “Key Moments” that lets you jump straight to the game’s most crucial events – tries, spectacular plays and so on. That means if you come in late and want to quickly catch up with what’s happened in the game so far, you can jump straight to the bits that mattered and then seamlessly drop into the live game, all from the comfort of your couch.

WatchNRL’s stats are limited to scores, as the service is primarily designed solely to stream video of the games without fuss.

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How Much Do They Cost?

It’s hard to go past Kayo’s keen pricing here – because even with all of its advanced features, it’s not just an NRL app. You get access to dozens of sports from all around Australia and the world, and it’s all included for the one price.

Kayo Sports costs

Kayo costs $25 per month to stream on two devices at once, or $35 per month to stream on three. That’s it – no contracts, no catches, no hidden extras. It’s arguably the best value in sport TV right now, working out to under six bucks a week. For a complete list of eligible Kayo devices, check out the table below.

WatchNRL costs

WatchNRL, meanwhile, is set up differently for a reason. It’s available for anyone in Australia to subscribe to, but you can only stream games on it outside Australia. That means it’s positioned more as a way for Australians travelling overseas to keep up with their teams and their games, and as such offers weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions priced at $19, $33 and $189 respectively.

Kayo, then, is substantially cheaper and gives you a lot more – but Kayo, of course, can only be used inside Australia.

Kayo Device Compatibility

DeviceAvailable?User Guide
PC/Mac Yes Web browser only (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge)
iOS/Android Phones/Tablets Yes Via native apps (iOS 11 and Android 6 minimum)
Google Chromecast Yes Chromecast Ultra or 3rd Generation required for 1080p HD, otherwise 720p
Telstra TV Yes Split View not available; TTV1 limited to 720p
Android TV Yes Via app for version 7.0 and up
Samsung Smart TVs Yes 2017 and later models
PS4 and Xbox One Soon App in development
Apple TV Yes 4th Generation or higher

WatchNRL Device Compatibility

The range of devices that WatchNRL is available on isn’t as comprehensive as Kayo Sports, however still has all the essential and most used ones.

Device Available? User Guide
iOS/Android Phones/Tablets Yes Via Watch NRL app (iOS 11 and Android 6 minimum)
PC/Mac Yes Web browser only (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge)
Apple TV Yes tvOS 11+, 4th Generation or higher. Via Watch NRL app and AirPlay
Google Chromecast Yes Chromecast Ultra or 3rd Generation only via Watch NRL app
SMART TV No Watch NRL does not support SMART TV web browsers and devices
HDMI No Watch NRL does not support the use of a HDMI connection

Which one is right for you?

Having access to live NRL streams anywhere on the planet is an undeniable advantage for WatchNRL that will be of great interest to the more travel-prone of the game’s fans, many of whom will take up a subscription as they need it. But if we’re just comparing functionality and user interface, Kayo Sports, with its high quality video, next-generation features, dozens and dozens of other sports and wide device compatibility really cannot be beaten, particularly at the bargain price of only $25 per month for all the NRL you can handle.


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