Kayo Minis Offer Free Cricket Australia TV Replay Options

Cricket fans have never had it so good, with 2020 proving to be an incredible year for the great game – and the perfect year for cricket fans everywhere to discover the best way to catch the action yet. With Kayo Sports now bringing live and on-demand sport to nearly half a million Australians, it’s all you need to get set for a great summer of cricket!

Stream the 2020 Summer of Cricket Live or On Demand

Cricket remains one of the world’s biggest sports – and what a year we’ve had so far in the great game! The Cricket World Cup saw England grab their first title in front of billions of viewers around the world, and then we got to watch Australia successfully retain the Ashes in a thrilling 2019 series. With so much cricket action happening, Australian fans would’ve missed much of it because of overnight broadcasts and limited TV coverage. And with a packed summer schedule coming up for the great game, having the option to watch matches when you want has never been more crucial.

Kayo offers the most comprehensive summer of cricket coverage in Australia, delivering every Australian men’s and women’s home international, every match of the KFC BBL and rebel WBBL, plus select international matches, LIVE and On Demand. Watching on demand with Kayo, you never need to worry about tuning in late for a match or having to remember to record them. Several of the on demand replay options are unique to Kayo, and will make your cricket viewing experience far more immersive than simply watching a TV broadcast.

Catching Cricket Replays with Kayo Minis

Whether it’s the fast-paced action of the T20 games, the strategic play of the traditional one-day matches or the colour and spectacle of the Big Bash League, keeping up with everything that’s happening over the summer of cricket can be daunting. In the old days, it would mean remembering when games were being broadcast and on which channel, often missing big chunks of matches when you just couldn’t be home at the right time. Kayo Sports changes all that, offering some innovative features that enhance your cricket viewing and gives you a whole lot of options to watch the way you want, when you want.

And top of the list has to be the unique Kayo Minis. You’re probably used to watching “highlights” on TV, but these ‘mini’ cricket Australia replays are more than just highlights collections – they’re designed to convey the excitement and flow of the match, smartly edited to give you the full game experience in a fraction of the time. Kayo has its own team of editors that put together a condensed version of the entire match once it’s completed, resulting in an on-demand cricket replay stream that takes you through the match from start to finish in a far more satisfying way. 

A Kayo Mini replay takes around 15 to 30 minutes to watch, so you can quickly catch up with a game on your lunch break, before bed or anywhere you’ve got a bit of free time. Once you’ve tried watching a game with a Kayo Mini, you’ll never be satisfied with quick-fire “highlights” again!

Stream Cricket with Kayo Sports

Live sport returns to Kayo, with every game and every round from the NRL and AFL, action from the Super Rugby, UFC and V8 Supercars – all available on Kayo’s 14 day trial.

Telstra postpaid customers: Get Kayo Basic plan for $15/mth for 12 months.

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Key Moments Take You Straight to the Action

When you’re streaming a game either on delay or on demand, you’ll see little markers appear above the on-screen timeline when you bring it up. These are another unique Kayo feature known as Key Moments – a way of jumping straight to the things that decided the course of the match. Wickets, boundaries, epic catches and more, they’re instantly accessible at your command. Every highlight and match-winning moment is there on the streaming timeline and instantly accessible! If you’re watching through a full match replay, Key Moments also give you an easy way to quickly jump back to events and decisions that you want to see again.

*Key Moments available for selected matches.

Spoiler-Free Streaming

Unlike other sport streaming services, Kayo blurs the line between live and on-demand – to the point that you can start streaming a game even while it’s still being played. That means you can get comfy on the couch when you’re ready to go and watch the match exactly as if it was live. To make sure that experience isn’t ruined by score spoilers, the “No Spoilers’ option makes sure you won’t see the live score anywhere in the Kayo interface before you watch the match for yourself.

Split View – Great for Cricket!

Another Kayo innovation is the ability to choose up to three additional streams and put them in windows next to the one you’re watching, with the ability to swap between them any time you like. This makes for some great fun as you get to play at being your own TV director – but it can also be incredibly useful. Some matches, for example, offer alternate camera views, such as “Spidercam”. You can pull up those extra live streams at the same time to get the ultimate view of the action. Split View is best accessed on streaming devices like Apple TV and Telstra TV, or when streaming in your web browser.

*SplitView available on selected, compatible devices.

Stream Cricket LIVE with Kayo’s 14-Day Free Trial

Across the entire summer, you’ll find a huge amount of top-shelf cricket action ready to watch when and where you want via Kayo – which has access not only to all the big broadcast matches, but also many that can’t be seen on television at all. Everything is streamed live and direct, available to watch immediately, on delay, on replay, or later via Kayo Minis, and you can get instant access to the complete service using their 14 day free trial.

As well as the summer of cricket, Kayo features comprehensive high definition streaming of over 50 sports from across Australia and around the world, including everything from live coverage of AFL, NRL, Formula One, tennis, soccer and many more. Alongside the live streams, replays and Kayo Minis, there are many extra goodies for fans including documentaries and interviews that are great for filling in the breaks between innings. It’s all available for the one monthly subscription price, and there’s no lock-in contract making it the best sporting value around.

Kayo can be streamed in any modern web browser on both PCs and Macs, and via its dedicated apps on Apple TV or the new Telstra TV 3. There’s also apps for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and you can cast Kayo to your Google Chromecast (Ultra or third-generation recommended) from the mobile apps or direct from the web browser. There’s even an app for Android TV (including most recent Sony smart TVs) with support for more smart TVs to come.

Get Instant Access to Kayo Sports and Start Streaming Today!

Australians love their cricket, and watching a match from the comfort of the couch is nothing less than a summer tradition! Thanks to Kayo Sports, the sheer amount of matches available to watch live is bigger than it’s ever been, and for the first time you can control when and how you watch. Ever wished you could pause a match so you can take a quick break? With Kayo you can, and you won’t miss a second.

Kayo doesn’t need any installation or special hardware – just sign up and start streaming either on the web or in the apps. You can try out all of Kayo by grabbing a 14 day free trial. It gives you complete access to all the cricket as well as all the other sports covered by Kayo, and by the time that second week is up we’re pretty sure you’ll be joining the hundreds of thousands of sports fans that keep Kayo around for good.

The 2019/20 Summer of Cricket – Complete Schedule (Sydney time)

With so many matches to cover, the 2019/20 summer of cricket is a huge challenge for fans because there’s multiple providers involved. Kayo Sports will be providing the most comprehensive coverage, as well as all the recent on demand replays and Kayo Minis.

Date Event Channel
21 September – 26 NovemberMarsh One-Day CupFoxtel / Kayo
18 October – 8 DecemberWomen’s Big Bash LeagueSeven / Foxtel / Kayo
1 November – 3 DecemberEngland Tour of New ZealandFoxtel / Kayo
4 November – 27 NovemberBangladesh Tour of IndiaFoxtel / Kayo
21 November – 3 DecemberAustralia v Pakistan Test SeriesSeven / Foxtel / Kayo
7 December – 22 DecemberWest Indies Tour of IndiaFoxtel / Kayo
12 December – 7 JanuaryAustralia v New Zealand Test SeriesSeven / Foxtel / Kayo
17 December – 8 FebruaryBig Bash LeagueSeven / Foxtel / Kayo
26 December – 16 FebruaryEngland Tour of South AfricaFoxtel / Kayo
5 January – 10 JanuarySri Lanka Tour of IndiaFoxtel / Kayo
6 January – 11 JanuaryZimbabwe Tour of IndiaFoxtel / Kayo
8 January – 19 JanuaryIreland Tour of West IndiesFoxtel / Kayo
14 January – 19 JanuaryIndia v Australia ODI SeriesFoxtel / Kayo
24 January – 4 MarchIndia Tour of New ZealandFoxtel / Kayo
1 February – 12 FebruaryT20I Tri-Series (women’s)Seven / Foxtel / Kayo
21 February – 8 MarchWomen’s World T20Nine / Foxtel / Kayo
22 February – 7 MarchAustralia Tour of South AfricaFoxtel / Kayo
12 March – 18 MarchSouth Africa Tour of IndiaFoxtel / Kayo
13 March – 29 MarchAustralia Tour of New ZealandFoxtel / Kayo