How Can I Watch Netflix on Foxtel?

Steps for watching Netflix on Foxtel

Foxtel and Netflix partner up in a game-changing move to take at home entertainment to the next level

Recently, Foxtel announced its partnership with Netflix, which means that Foxtel subscribers will now get to stream Netflix content through their IQ boxes as part of the cable TV network upgrade. Australian viewers will be able to enjoy the best of TV and on-demand, in one place without losing the familiarity of regional TV viewing. By providing existing customers with the platform to view the streaming service, this manoeuvre will not only prevent customers from switching to cheaper alternatives but will also draw in new customers for Foxtel. Plus there are a range of new package offers from the new Foxtel Experience.

How to Watch Netflix on Foxtel?

As Foxtel rolls out its new software and revamped user experience, Netflix content will directly be integrated amongst Foxtel’s, not too different from the user experience in other streaming services such as Stan and Amazon Prime. The upgrade will be gradually rolled out with iQ4 box customers receiving it first and followed immediately by customers with the older iQ3 boxes with the intent of all customers being upgraded by November. Each rollout will upgrade roughly fifty thousand customers at a time with two weeks in between rollouts to ensure a smooth transition and manage any major tech issues that may occur.

What does the upgrade include?

The upgrade to Foxtel’s interface also involves a new remote that will allow users to discover and navigate content easily. The only difference between the old remote and new remote is the Netflix button, having said that the old remote is not a barrier for Foxtel users to explore the Netflix functionality; it just doesn’t have a dedicated Netflix button. Foxtel will be rewarding long term customers, those that have been with Foxtel for eight years or longer, with a complimentary remote, whereas those who have been with Foxtel between three and eight years can buy it at a subsidised price of $29. Newer customers can purchase the remote from $49. 

What are the new Foxtel Packages?

Everyone is talking about the new Foxtel Experience, but not many people are talking about the great new deals that are on offer from Foxtel. Each new Foxtel package comes pre-loaded with Netflix right on your new iQ box, plus 6 months free on the house.

The Netflix/Foxtel packages start at a reasonable price of $49 per month, for a 12-month plan and will give 6 months of free Netflix streaming. Both, new and existing Netflix customers can redeem this offer, however, it ends on 4/09/2019. New Foxtel customers will incur no additional cost to set up their iQ4 box. Once the free access is over, customers will have to pay the same amount they would normally pay for an individual Netflix subscription – $13.99 a month for HD and $17.99 a month for 4K.

Drama + Entertainment$49/mth
Sport + Drama + Entertainment$58/mth
Sport + Drama + Movies + Entertainment$78/mth
Platinum HD$99/mth

Although Foxtel will make Netflix viewing on their boxes a frictionless experience, it does not mean that Netflix will be a part of your Foxtel subscription. Regardless of whether you are an existing Netflix subscriber or plan on creating a new Netflix account, you will still have a separate subscription of Netflix and Foxtel. If you sign up to Netflix through your iQ4 box, you may be billed by Foxtel for your Netflix subscription. The merger only means that you will have one bill and make one easy payment each month for both subscriptions.  

Build Your Own Experience

You can also build your own Foxtel experience by customising your TV package to suit your very specific needs.  So whether you’re a moderate user or a heavy user who wants to get the most bang for their buck, Foxtel has got you covered.

CEO Patrick Delaney has confirmed that bundling Foxtel and Netflix pricing, while not available now, is planned for Stage 2 as part of a clean-up for pricing and packaging for Foxtel, expected to take effect around September or October.

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with Foxtel

Get the world’s best dramas, live sport, latest entertainment, and Netflix shows, all in one place.

The Devices

You aren’t limited to any single device when watching anything that Foxtel and Netflix have to offer. The Netflix app allows you to sign in and watch your favourite shows on tablets, smartphones and laptops. Foxtel go allows you to stream on any eligible device, not just your TV. Available on everything from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and laptop computers, Foxtel Go app lets you enjoy your favourite shows anywhere, at any time.

Foxtel Mergers

The Foxtel-Netflix merger is expected to boost sign-ups and grow their audience base while also providing Foxtel customers that don’t have Apple TV, Telstra TV, or a console a convenient streaming platform. 

It is unclear as to whether Foxtel plans a similar integration with the likes of other streaming services such as Stan, hayu and Amazon Prime, however, it has indicated plans to add SBS on Demand to the updated Foxtel interface later in the year. 

Contacting Foxtel

To sign up to one of Foxtel’s Netflix packages, you can call the friendly Foxtel team on 1300 692 138, and they’ll be able to discuss anything you need to know as a new or existing Foxtel customer who wants to get in on their Netflix offerings.

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