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If you’ve been shopping around for a prepaid phone service, you’ll have already noticed how spoilt for choice you are these days. Providers big and small have a vast range of prepaid plans on offer, letting you pick and choose whose SIM you plug into your smartphone based on your needs.

Choice is great but there’s one network that stands above the rest in terms of breadth and depth of coverage, and that’s Telstra’s.

Yes, you can easily get hold of prepaid SIMs from smaller, budget providers that make use of the Telstra network. But there’s only one way to get access to the whole Telstra network with its unrivalled call coverage and ultra-fast 4G data. By getting hold of a SIM from Telstra itself, of course.

There’s a versatile range of Telstra prepaid plans available to suit various usage types. Today we’d like  to focus on one which many don’t even know about. It’s one which could end up being a perfect fit for travellers. It also acts like the perfect entry point for anyone who wants to give the full-scale network a road test before deciding on one of the other Telstra mobile deals to go forward with. It’s the Telstra $10 SIM Starter Kit, and it’s an absolute bargain.

Great value awaits when you get Telstra Mobile!

Enjoy plans with no lock-in contracts, unmatched data allowances, no excess data charges, 5G network access on some plans, and more.

What it works with

Inside the $10 starter pack is nothing but the “multi-fit” SIM card that you’ll use to access the network. The “multi-fit” description means it’ll work in almost any 3G or 4G mobile phone currently on the market. As-is, the SIM is a standard size as was used, for example, in all iPhones up to the 3GS. By the time the iPhone 4 came out, manufacturers were switching to a smaller “micro” SIM and then moved on to the even tinier “nano” SIM.

The Telstra SIM provided in the $10 pack can be all three of those sizes. Simply pop out the size you need from the card and stick it in your phone. It couldn’t be easier! Telstra will mail the SIM kit to you free. If you’re looking for where to buy Telstra prepaid SIM cards in person, just find any Telstra shop!

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What you get

Once activated, the Telstra $10 SIM gives you a full seven days of network access, with unlimited calls and texts within Australia. For a mere ten bucks, you can talk and text as long as you like for an entire week without having to watch your balance or check the clock. This alone makes this SIM perfect for certain uses (more on that in a moment), but sweetening the deal is a full 1GB of data on the Telstra 4Gx network.

Now, 1GB might not sound like a lot in this era of ever-increasing data allowances, but rest assured. If you’re using that data for the basics – web browsing, Facebook or Snapchat, even streaming some music on Spotify or Apple Music – you will comfortably stay under 1GB without having to worry too much. And if you find yourself pushing the limit, the SIM also comes with free access to the thousands of Telstra Air wi-fi hotspots around Australia to keep you connected.

Why it’s useful

Aside from the obvious appeal of this starter kit as a handy low-cost entry point to give the Telstra network a try, it’s absolutely perfect for those visiting Australia for a short stay and looking for mobile access. No more dealing with roaming charges and red tape. A visitor can pick up one of these $10 starter kits, pop the SIM in their (unlocked) smartphone, activate it, and be on the air within minutes. It enables you to make calls to anywhere in Australia and take calls from anywhere in the world – as well as having fast access to things like Google Maps. Combined with Telstra’s legendary coverage, it’s perfect for any traveller.

After 7 days

Those using the kit to jump onto the Telstra network for the first time will have a vast array of Telstra prepaid plans to move to once the $10 SIM’s 7 days are up. The ideal fit would be the Telstra Prepaid Plus $40 plan, which lasts 28 days. It provides unlimited calls and text and a whopping 6GB of data (3GB for peak use and another 3GB for nighttime use). It also comes with unlimited international calls to a selection of major countries and $10 international credit to help cover those that aren’t unlimited. That international component will be appealing to travellers as well. You’re getting talk and text access to a big chunk of the world for ten bucks a week!

Other options

If you enjoy your time using the $10 Starter SIM and decide you’d rather go on a postpaid plan or even get a new phone on contract, there’s a vast range of Telstra SIM only plans and some very tasty Telstra mobile deals on offer from Australia’s largest mobile provider. Check out our Telstra page for links to more deals and options.

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