How to Watch Game of Thrones Streaming in Australia

List of options for watching Game of Thrones in Australia

When the most epic saga in the history of television reached its conclusion after ten brilliant years, it wrapped up a story that kept tens of millions of people glued to their screens every week. After eight brilliant seasons, Game of Thrones took its final bow with an epic and controversial finale. Now, you can relive every episode all over again by streaming every season on demand.

Every Game of Thrones TV Option in Australia – Ultimate GoT Guide

With the story taking a turn into territory never included in the books, the final season of Game of Thrones took everyone by surprise – even the most dedicated fans of the long-running series and the acclaimed novels by George RR Martin. The events set in motion throughout the years came to a head with dramatic and far-reaching consequences. The final season pulled out all the stops including an episode almost entirely devoted to the Battle of Winterfell, filmed on an epic scale and rivalling Hollywood movies in its size and scope.

The eighth and final season is a little bit different to the previous seasons, with only six episodes in total. Most of them are movie-length, the longest episodes in the show’s history, capping off a sweeping story that you can watch from start to finish at whatever pace you like. Binge the entire eight seasons in one sitting if you dare (though it would take you just shy of three days to get through every episode) or watch whenever you’re in the mood. No discs required!

As famed US network HBO’s flagship show, Game of Thrones was aired exclusively by Foxtel in Australia, but when it comes to streaming every episode on demand, you’ve got several choices at your disposal:

  1. BINGE
  2. Foxtel iQ
  3. Foxtel Now
  4. Digital Purchase

1. Watch Game of Thrones on BINGE

Rumoured for years and finally ready to use, the brand new streaming service run by Foxtel company Streamotion (the people behind Kayo Sports) is called, appropriately, BINGE. Amongst its thousands of hours of TV shows and movies is almost the entire HBO library of must-see dramas – including every single episode of Game of Thrones. And the best part is the price – BINGE costs just $10 a month for SD ($14 for HD) and it’s available on some of the most popular devices around, from Telstra TV and Apple TV to smartphones, tablets and of course computers and Chromecasts. BINGE offers a full two week trial – with access to the full library including Game of Thrones – so this is probably the best way to get back to Westeros. They even have a dedicated Game of Throne BINGE Centre so you can head straight to the episodes all from the one screen.


  • New customers: 14 day free trial
  • Basic
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Stream in SD on a single device
  • 10,000+ hrs of the best shows
  • $10/mth
Min Cost - $10/month after 14 days free trial

Last audited 11 May 2021

2. Watch Game of Thrones on Foxtel TV

Foxtel’s acclaimed pay TV service was where everyone flocked to watch episodes of Game of Thrones as they went to air every week, and now that the series is complete, Foxtel’s still the place to go to stream every episode of the show. With the Fox Showcase channel now a part of the base Foxtel Plus pack, all Foxtel subscribers have access to streaming Game of Thrones and hundreds of other shows on demand, right there on the advanced iQ4 box in high definition. Just press the red TV Shows button on your Foxtel remote to get started! Your iQ4 will of course need to be connected to broadband internet for streaming.

Foxtel Plans

Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • No set up costs. Ends 25/05/2021.
  • Foxtel Plus Bundle
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • 50+ channels
  • Enjoy 130 complete drama series
  • $49/mth
Min Cost - $588 on a 12 month direct debit plan with iQ4. New customers only.

Last audited 10 May 2021

3. Watch Game of Thrones on Foxtel Now

An alternative way of getting Foxtel’s live channels and on-demand streaming into your home is to go completely online by subscribing to Foxtel Now. Delivering the best of both worlds – live TV channels streamed via the internet, and the same massive library of on-demand content – Foxtel Now is the Foxtel you can sign up to and start watching immediately, no installation needed. It works on many popular streaming devices and smart TVs, as well as letting you watch on the go on your mobile phone or tablet. Foxtel Now has a free 10-day trial that unlocks every channel pack, but the good news is that because the Fox Showcase channel is part of the base Essentials pack, you only need that entry-level subscription – $25 a month – to access Game of Thrones and the rest of the HBO library.

Foxtel Now Plans

Essentials pack
  • 10 day free trial
  • Essentials pack
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 25+ channels: Lifestyle, Drama, Comedy, Entertainment & more
  • $25/mth
Min Cost - $25 over 1 month

Last audited 11 May 2021

4. Watch Game of Thrones with a Digital Purchase

Another option that’s available to you if you’d rather have copies of every episode to keep is to buy the show’s eight seasons via one of the digital storefronts that offer TV shows for sale. You can buy indivdual episodes, full seasons or, in the case of some stores, “box sets” contining multiple seasons at a discounted price.

You choice of digital storefront should match the streaming device you use the most – so if you have a Telstra TV, head for Telstra TV Box Office. Chromecast and Android TV users have the Google Play Store, while Apple TV users head for the iTunes Store. Prices vary – expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $40 a season – but the episodes are yours to keep and stream whenever you like once you’ve purchased them. If you love Game of Thrones enough to want to keep going back, this may be the option for you.

Game of Thrones – Extra Viewing

The best part about streaming on demand is that you often get access to extra content to help deepen your appreciation of the show. With Game of Thrones there’s plenty of that – including Thrones 360, the Foxtel-produced show that analyses each episode with insight and humour. You’ll also find behind-the-scenes specials, cast commentaries, scene-by-scene analysis, and even a movie-length documentary on the making of the final season, The Last Watch. You’ll find these extras on BINGE, Foxtel iQ and Foxtel Now, so be sure to check them out for the full Thrones experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Game of Thrones on Foxtel

  • What Foxtel Channel is Game of Thrones On?

While the show has finished its long run of new episodes, the place you’ll usually find Game of Thrones is on the Fox Showcase channel, which is the home of everything from acclaimed network HBO. Fox Showcase is now included in the base Foxtel Plus channel pack, which gives you access to stream all 8 seasons on demand on your iQ box or mobile device.

  • What Time is Game of Thrones on Foxtel?

Like many first-run HBO shows, Game of Thrones was beamed live to Foxtel at the same time it went to air in the US, on Monday mornings Australian time, then replayed that evening. You will now find re-runs of the show appearing in the schedule occasionally on both Fox Showcase and Box Sets at various times – or you can stream it on demand.

  • How Do You Watch Game of Thrones Without Foxtel?

While Game of Thrones is exclusive to Foxtel, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a Foxtel satellite service to watch it. The complete series is available to stream on demand via streaming service Binge, which brings the entire HBO library together with thousands of hours of other high quality shows and movies. A free 14-day trial is available. If you prefer a service that also delivers live TV channels, you can also stream the show on Foxtel Now – with a 10-day free trial available.

  • Is Game of Thrones on Foxtel Now?

Because it’s a live and on-demand streaming version of the full Foxtel service, you’ll find all the shows from your favourite Foxtel channels streaming on Foxtel Now as well – including Game of Thrones, which is included as part of the base Essentials channel pack for $25/month with a free 10-day trial for new customers.

  • Will Game of Thrones be on Foxtel Go?

Yes – your access to Foxtel Go as part of your Foxtel satellite subscription gives you full access to all the channels in the packs you subscribe to, both for live streaming and for watching their shows on demand. All eight seasons of Game of Thrones are available to stream on the many mobile devices supported by Foxtel Go, any time you want to take in some episodes.

  • What Channel Pack on Foxtel Has Game of Thrones?

You’ll find Game of Thrones on the Fox Showcase channel, which is a part of the base channel pack that all Foxtel subscribers get, known as Foxtel Plus (if you’ve been a Foxtel customer for a while, you’ll find the channel in the Drama pack, or you can call Foxtel to switch to the new pack which offers better value). The show also occasionally gets re-run on the Box Sets channel, which is part of the Favourites pack. All Foxtel Plus pack customers have access to on-demand streaming of the entire series.

  • What Channel Pack on Foxtel Now Has Game of Thrones?

You’ll find Game of Thrones on its home of Fox Showcase as a part of the base Essentials channel pack, which all Foxtel Now customers get for the entry-level price of $25/month. The pack also includes the Box Sets channel, where Game of Thrones occasionally gets re-screened whole seasons at a time. All Foxtel Now customers also have access to the compete Game of Thrones series to stream on demand any time.


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