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Not everyone has a ton of money around to spend on their mobile phone every month. Yes, you can get unlimited talk & text plans with decent data limits for around $40. But for many people, the mobile phone is primarily a device for talking and texting, with data a low priority. Plus, a huge amount of people have done away with their landline phone. They now use the mobile as their de facto home phone line, which shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or be available for a call from a potential new employer, there’s a cheap plan for everyone. Some cost even less than $20/month.

Now that we’ve established that data and perks aren’t everything, let’s see what cheap phone plans you can get for under $20 per month. Spoiler alert: there are quite a lot, actually. The intense competition in the Australian mobile industry continues to drive prices down and inclusions up. If you want to keep your monthly bill down to a single orange banknote, read on. We’re here to tell you what the current best deals under $20 are on offer. Prepared to be amazed at all the perks included in the mix.


Acquired a few years ago by respected low-cost provider amaysim, Vaya takes the concept of the low cost SIM-only plan further. The telco is offering what has to be one of the best mobile deals around under $20. For just $16 per month, you get unlimited calls to Australian numbers. That includes 13 and 18 numbers, which is important if you call businesses or utilities a lot. Some providers offer unlimited calls but sneakily bill you for calls to those special numbers. Vaya’s having none of that!

You also get unlimited SMS and MMS within Australia and unlimited voicemail usage. For $16, that’s already a bargain! But to cover you for any data you might need, they throw in 1.5GB as well. Vaya runs on the Optus 4G Plus network, which will give you solid 4G and 3G coverage across most of the country. The plan is month-to-month. If you like what you get, you can switch to paying for 6 months in a lump sum. The plan comes in at $84 per half a year – which is a remarkable $14 per month!

Vaya Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

From October 2017, Vaya clients get more bang for their buck. The telco recently upped data inclusions on all plans. You can now use between 1.5GB on the cheapest plan up to 13GB on the $44 offer. All plans come with unlimited talk and text.

Kogan Mobile

Not to be outdone, well-known tech discounters Kogan have decided they’d like to play in the same low-cost, high-value section of the sandpit with their own prepaid mobile service. They’ve mirrored Vaya’s offering to the letter. They offer the same unlimited calls, texts, MMS, voicemail and 1.5GB of data. But this, you’ll be on the Vodafone 4G network, which has been massively upgraded in recent years. That means it provides superb coverage to just about everywhere. Kogan’s price is a little higher than Vaya’s, at $16.90 per 30 days. They also offer 90-day and one-year prepaid options that bring the 30-day cost down to $15.64 and $14.79 respectively.


This telco, running on Optus’s 4G Plus network, operates slightly differently to other providers. Yomojo lets you customise your mobile service to suit your usage patterns. A set of sliders enable you to choose how much you want to spend on calls, text and data. That makes for some potentially very useful cost saving in the under $20 category.

You can, for example, choose 100 minutes of calls, pay-as-you-go text and 200MB of data and pay only $12 per month. However, those are unrealistically low allowances even for the most frugal user. Instead, opt for Yomojo’s unlimited plan, which gives you unlimited talk and text along with 2GB of data for $19.90 per 30 days.

Yomojo Spring 2017 Offers

From October 2017, Yomojo helps you keep the conversation going. The company’s unlimited plans give you most bang for your buck. The telco also started offering two 3G-only plans that pack massive amounts of data – 30GB for $59.90/month and 90GB for $89.90/month.


The famous flightless bird of internet fame has moved into the mobile phone arena. For $16 per month you’ll get unlimited calls, text and MMS with 1GB of data, running on the Optus 4G network. It’s all pretty straightforward and simple on a month-to-month plan. Not to mention that it offers incredible value compared to the higher Dodo plans.

Just be wary of going over that data cap – there’s an excess data charge of $12 per gigabyte. And that means $12 billed to you even if you go only a megabyte over your limit. If you’re interested mainly in talk and text, though, this plan’s a great choice. One last caveat: there’s a rather unreasonable one-off $24.90 fee for the SIM.

Boost Mobile

Shaking things up a little, Boost Mobile heavily promotes a $10 prepaid SIM with unlimited calls and text and 1GB of data. The catch? The credit expires in only 7 days. It’s great for people travelling to Australia or those who only need a mobile for a short period. For the rest of us, the deal doesn’t actually represent stunning value. However, it’s an option – a very cheap option – that’s great to have out there. The fact that it runs on the mighty Telstra 4G network is a drawcard, too.

Boost Spring 2017 Offers

Get unlimited international minutes with Boost Mobile. Both the $40 and $50 mobile plans come with unlimited international calls to 10 countries, including Canada, USA, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, and Singapore. In October 2017, the $40 is discounted by 50% for new customers. Sign up online and get it for only $20. It packs 5GB anytime and a 1GB bonus every weekend.

Score Massive Data with Boost Mobile

Get huge data on first 3 recharges, plus data rollover and no lock-in contract — all on the powerful Telstra network.

Ovo Mobile

Ovo Mobile is also doing things differently. The telco offers a $9.95 SIM that gives you the full 30 days to use its credit. The one problem? While text usage is unlimited, calls are not, and in fact only come to $200 worth – basically a few hours. They also offer a $14.95 SIM with $500 worth of calls and unlimited text and MMS. Both these plans are marketed as “for kids.” With that in mind, if you (or your kids!) spend more time texting than calling, you can’t go past the low cost of entry here. You also get data-free access to Ovo’s sports streaming network as a bonus!

OVO Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

From October 2017, OVO Mobile offers Australia’s biggest mobile data plan. It packs a whooping 100GB for only $69.95. The plan is portable and can be activated in hours of receiving the SIM. Moreover, it doesn’t require weeks or months of waiting to get connected comes with no lock-in contracts. If you were looking for a worthwhile alternative to fixed broadband, look no more.

Which one to choose?

As you can see, some of the best cheap mobile plans are there for the taking without even spending $20 a month. If you’re someone who likes to talk and text, you can’t go past the offerings from the top four providers above. With so much competition around and no need to commit to a contract, you can safely jump onto one of those plans to talk and text as much as you want. Then, consider whether it’s the right plan for you – and change to another plan or another provider without penalty. For the cost-conscious consumer, it’s a real win all round.

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