Exetel Broadband Plans for Seniors and Pensioners

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As so many people know, life is getting more and more expensive, as the price of everything seems to just keep on going up. That’s a particular problem for seniors and pensioners, who often have a fixed income and a very tight budget to manage.

But in today’s world, nobody can afford to be without access to broadband internet. It’s become the way so many of the essential things are managed – communicating with your bank, local council or government agencies in particular. And it’s also a means of keeping in contact with friends and family on a regular basis.

But there are a lot of broadband providers out there, and a lot of plans. Searching through them to find the right one at the right price can be overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! A great option for affordable, reliable internet is Australia’s Exetel broadband, a family-owned business that’s won awards for its great-value plans.

Does Exetel Have Plans for Seniors and Pensioners?

Like most providers these days, Exetel has been heavily focussed on keeping prices as low as possible on their broadband plans, and while they don’t specifically offer plans for pensioners and seniors, they do have plans that are well worth looking at, at prices which are surprisingly low.

The Best Bundles for Seniors

If, like most of Australia by now, your home has been connected to the new National Broadband Network (NBN), you’ll find a great all-in-one solution from Exetel in their Unlimited NBN50 plan. As the name suggests, it comes with uncapped data – which surely is more than enough for everyday use, whether that’s exploring web sites, catching up with TV on iView or Netflix, or even video chatting with the family. The plan comes with everything you need, including a wi-fi modem and with no lock-in contract.

Your Home Phone on the NBN

The NBN also carries your home phone service once you’ve switched over, and Exetel can transfer your number over and, for an extra $10 per month, give you unlimited, un-timed calls to anywhere in Australia – even to mobile phones and 1300/13 numbers – as well as unlimited international calls to ten major countries. With line rental also included, that means broadband and home phone together will only cost under $79.99 per month – and that’s with unlimited phone calls.

What If You Need More Speed?

With the rising popularity of Netflix, Stan and other streaming services, it’s possible that you’d want to upgrade your speed. If you’re watching lots of shows and movies via streaming with other members of the family chiming in, we’d recommend spending an extra $20 to go for NBN100, so you never have to worry about any speed-related issues.

Live on an Estate with its Own Network?

Some newer housing estates and residential buildings are served by their own fibre optic networks – you’ll know if that’s the case because your home phone will have been connected through them. If your home is served by OptiComm, OpeNetworks, LBNco, RedTrain or FTTB, then Exetel can easily get you connected for both broadband and home phone at similar great-value prices – and yes, the same $10/month unlimited-calls phone deal is available!

Still On ADSL?

The rollout of the NBN won’t be fully completed until well into 2020, so many people are still relying on ADSL for broadband. Exetel can offer an unlimited-data ADSL broadband service, with a home phone line included (with pay-as-you-go calls) and a free activation, all for only $59.99 per month – with the first two months free as well when you sign up for a 12-month plan. When the NBN arrives in your area, Exetel can seamlessly switch you over.

Are These the Plans for You?

Everyone’s needs are different – and no one broadband plan is going to suit everybody. Luckily, Exetel offers plenty of flexibility in terms of speed, data allowance and extras so you can tailor a plan that exactly suits what seniors and pensioners want. You can change plans at any time without penalty, too – and the prices are great across the board. The company is, after all, an Money Magazine award winner for value!


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