5 Essential Netflix Hacks For a Better Entertainment Experience


Netflix has perhaps the largest library of media content that includes the latest movies, TV shows, old cult classics, as well as immensely popular original content.

The video on demand service is hugely popular in America and elsewhere across the globe, and many Australians have been enjoying it since its launch Down Under in 2015. That’s why we wanted to share some hacks that make the Netflix experience even better. Here’s our list of the top five tips to get you started.

1. Get Better Reviews to Help You Choose The Best Movies and Shows
Netflix’ content ratings can be misleading at times. No one likes getting halfway through a movie to find out they don’t like it. To get a better idea of how good a movie is, subscribers can download the Google Chrome Netflix Enhancer plugin. Once installed, it will display IMDb ratings when you move the mouse pointer over a movie or show. That way, subscribers can get better reviews, right on their TV screen, to help them choose. It’s a good way to know what to expect from a movie or show before you stream it.

2. Keep up with the Joneses – See What Everyone Else is Watching on Netflix
If you’ve ever wondered what the majority of Netflix users are watching, you can go to instantwatcher.com to find out. You can find popular content based on genre, browse for best and worst content and take a look at what critics are recommending. The website, apart from showing you what’s popular on Netflix, is also a great place to find old movies or TV shows you may have missed. It has a no-frills interface that makes it easy to browse through.

3. No Waiting – Improve Video Quality and Reduce Buffering
While buffering a movie depends greatly on the quality of your internet connection, subscribers do not like to wait while movies buffer. However, you can improve video quality by navigating to the Playback settings on the Account page and set the Data Usage to high. This will stream movies and TV shows in HD format.

4. Netflix Roulette
Sometimes you just want a movie, any movie, instead of spending time browsing through the massive Netflix catalogue in hope of finding the perfect movie. If you’re feeling lucky, you can spin the Netflix Roulette (netflixroulette.net) and watch the first movie that pops up. You can weigh the odds in your favour by putting in an actor’s or director’s name, but it might be more fun if you just spin the wheel and leave the rest up to fate. Be prepared to receive some truly obscure or cringe worthy movies, but it’s all part of the exciting gambling experience!

5. Get Better Netflix Recommendations
Subscribers can also program Netflix to remember their preferences and recommend movies accordingly – by heading into the viewing history page in account settings and removing those shows and movies you might have sampled which you really didn’t like. The more stuff in your history that you really, really like, the better Netflix’s recommendations will be for you in the future!

These hacks should make your weekend binge-viewing more enjoyable and exciting.To further enhance your Netflix experience, subscribers can invest in a Google Chromecast device  to stream content on their TV.