Summer of Cricket Live TV Fixtures and Online Streaming Guide

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With the Australian cricket team back home after successfully retaining the Ashes (and giving England a proper scare in the process) the stage is now set for what promises to be a brilliant summer of world-class cricket. And this year, thanks to the arrival of Kayo Sports as a dominant player in sports coverage, cricket fans are going to have more ways to watch than ever before. 

Whether your cricket of choice is the traditional one-day battle, the fast-paced international T20 matches or the hugely popular Big Bash Leagues, you’ll have plenty of options across a vast range of matches all summer long. 

For the first time, Kayo Sports will be covering many of the games that are otherwise only being streamed on the Cricket Australia web site – which means there’s now more options than ever to stream all the action in crisp high definition.

2019 Australian Cricket TV Coverage

Thanks to a landmark deal made last year by Cricket Australia, coverage of the whole range of summer cricket will be at an unprecedented level. The Seven network has grabbed the free to air broadcast rights, but their coverage will be limited to Test matches involving the Australian Men’s team, meaning you won’t have access to ODI’s or T20’s. Seven have also announced that much of their coverage will be carried on 7mate, which does mean that those games will miss out on high definition coverage.

Unless, of course, you head over to Kayo Sports, where you’ll be able to stream not just the games shown on Seven, but a huge line-up of matches you won’t find on free to air TV. That’s thanks to a unique partnership that Kayo has with Cricket Australia, which will allow them to live-stream in high definition not just games from free to air and satellite TV, but also many that you’ll only find on Kayo. It’s a bit of a coup for the still-growing sports streaming service, and shows once again that they mean business when it comes to delivering full-scale sporting coverage.

Australia Test Matches

All of this summer’s Australian Test matches will be available on Kayo Sports, Foxtel and Channel 7. That’s two tests against Pakistan in November and December, followed by a three-test series against New Zealand running from December to March 2020 (includes MCG Boxing Day test match). 

Australian International T20s

There will be plenty of opportunities to watch Australia playing the shortened format of the game this summer on Foxtel and Kayo Sports. Sri Lanka and Pakistan will each have three head-to-heads against the men’s team in October and November, with the women taking part in a tri-series with England and India across January and February 2020.  

Australia ODIs

There is a total of nine One Day Internationals from January to March for Australia’s men, playing on three different continents. First up it’s a trip to India in January, then New Zealand on home soil in February before a final three games series against the Proteas in South Africa during March. All of these games will be available to watch and stream live on Kayo.   

Big Bash League

 The men’s Big Bash League will run from December 17 and February 8. All 61 games, from the opening round to the final, will be available to watch and stream with Foxtel and Kayo. Kayo subscribers will have on demand access to the Kayo Minis feature, a condensed highlights version of each game so that you can catch up on all the action when it suits you.

A total of 40 BBL games, including semis and final, will also be available to watch live on free-to-air TV with Seven.

Women’s Big Bash League

The Women’s Big Bash League has started earlier than the men’s tournament this season, but you can still watch up to 23 matches live on Foxtel and Kayo, right up until the WBBL final on December 8.

Domestic Cricket

A total of 13 Marsh Cup games featuring WA, NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania will feature on Kayo between September and November – and remains Australia’s most competitive 50 over tournament.

Other International Cricket

It’s not just Australia Internationals you’ll be able to watch this summer, there are games between England and New Zealand, West Indies and India, along with Bangladesh against Pakistan – across all three formats of the game, available exclusively with a Kayo Sports subscription.

Kayo’s Special Features

If you’re a fan of sport in general and cricket in particular, but haven’t tried Kayo Sports yet, now’s the time to get started with their completely free 14 day trial, which gives you unlimited access to everything that Kayo has to offer. And when it comes to cricket, Kayo is better equipped than anyone else to bring you not only the most comprehensive coverage of this season, but also the most innovative, thanks to Kayo’s unique special features.

While some have called Kayo the “Netflix of sport” they’re actually a lot more than just a streaming service. Delivering live sports 24 hours a day as they happen, Kayo streams everything in full high definition, perfect for that big screen TV. If you hit the couch after the game’s started, no need to worry – you get a choice of starting the game from the beginning (with no spoilers) or jumping straight into the live coverage. That’s right – you can stream from the start while the match is still on!

On Demand Cricket Replays

One very popular feature that’s perfect for keeping up with a busy cricket schedule is Kayo Minis. These are specially edited, bite-sized on demand versions of entire matches, condensing hours of play into an easy to watch 15-30 minute version that’s more than just a highlights reel. Kayo Minis give you the full story of the game so you don’t miss a thing, tailored for people with busy lifestyles.

Key Moments and Live Stats

Another Kayo feature that’s perfect for cricket is Key Moments, which you’ll find when watching matches on delay or replay. Turning this on marks the video timeline with jump points that take you directly to the bits that matter – wickets, great catches, near misses. You can also switch on Kayo’s live sports stats screen, which is constantly updated with all the facts and figures of the game in real time.

And Split View lets you select up to three other live streams (depending on your device) and put them in windows right next to the main coverage, letting you keep up with multiple games at once (and with some games, Kayo offers alternate feeds such as Spidercam, making Split View even more essential.

*Key Moments available for selected matches. SplitView available on selected, compatible devices.


Stream Cricket with Kayo Sports

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Stream Cricket Live – 14 Days Free Trial

Channel 7 is the designated Cricket free to air broadcaster this summer in Australia, but due to TV rights the Seven Network’s coverage is very limited and includes multiple ad-breaks during play. However, Kayo Sports will deliver every Australian men’s and women’s home international, every match of the KFC BBL and rebel WBBL, plus select international matches, LIVE and On Demand.

So if you’re a resident in Australia you may wish to check out Kayo Sports which is offering a 14 day free trial and will broadcast the two test Pakistan Tour of Australia (Nov 21 and  Nov 29) and other key upcoming fixtures LIVE. Kayo offers live Australian cricket streaming with eligible mobile devices and browsers, including select PC and Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast, as well as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with new apps and platforms arriving soon. Kayo also offers compact (about 20 minutes) cricket on demand ‘Minis’ match replays, so you can conveniently catch-up on those late-night finishes you may have missed.

NumberCompetitionEventStream StartFreeviewKayo
0Rebel WBBL|05Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsNovember 16, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
1Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatNovember 16, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
2Afghanistan v West Indies T20Is - Men'sAfghanistan vs West IndiesNovember 17, 2019 12:30:00 AM AEDTnono
3Rebel WBBL|05Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatNovember 17, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
4Marsh One-Day Cup 2019South Australia vs Western AustraliaNovember 17, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnoyes
5Marsh One-Day Cup 2019Victoria vs NSW BluesNovember 17, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
6Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesNovember 17, 2019 2:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
7Afghanistan v West Indies T20Is - Men'sAfghanistan vs West IndiesNovember 18, 2019 12:30:00 AM AEDTnono
8Marsh One-Day Cup 2019Tasmanian Tigers vs Queensland BullsNovember 18, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
9Marsh One-Day Cup 2019Victoria vs South AustraliaNovember 19, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
10Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatNovember 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
11Marsh One-Day Cup 2019Tasmanian Tigers vs NSW BluesNovember 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
12Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersNovember 20, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
13Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersNovember 20, 2019 2:30:00 PM AEDTnoyes
14Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesNovember 20, 2019 5:30:00 PM AEDTnoyes
15New Zealand v England Tests - Men'sNew Zealand vs EnglandNovember 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM AEDTnono
16Domain Test Series v PakistanAustralia vs PakistanNovember 21, 2019 11:00:00 AM AEDTnono
17India v Bangladesh Tests - Men'sIndia vs BangladeshNovember 22, 2019 6:30:00 PM AEDTnono
18Rebel WBBL|05Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatNovember 22, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
19Rebel WBBL|05Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersNovember 23, 2019 1:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
20Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsNovember 23, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
21Rebel WBBL|05Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersNovember 23, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
22Rebel WBBL|05Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderNovember 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
23Rebel WBBL|05Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersNovember 24, 2019 1:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
24Marsh One-Day Cup 2019To Be Decided vs To Be DecidedNovember 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM AEDTnoyes
25Rebel WBBL|05Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesNovember 27, 2019 2:10:00 PM AEDTnoyes
26Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne StarsNovember 27, 2019 2:30:00 PM AEDTnoyes
27Afghanistan v West Indies Test - Men'sAfghanistan vs West IndiesNovember 27, 2019 3:30:00 PM AEDTnono
28New Zealand v England Tests - Men'sNew Zealand vs EnglandNovember 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM AEDTnono
29Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20Victoria vs NSW BluesNovember 29, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnono
30Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20Tasmanian Tigers vs Queensland BullsNovember 29, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnono
31Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20Western Australia vs South AustraliaNovember 29, 2019 1:30:00 PM AEDTnono
32Domain Test Series v PakistanAustralia vs PakistanNovember 29, 2019 2:30:00 PM AEDTnono
33Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesNovember 30, 2019 10:40:00 AM AEDTyesyes
34Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersNovember 30, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
35Rebel WBBL|05Perth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesNovember 30, 2019 5:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
36Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderDecember 1, 2019 10:40:00 AM AEDTyesyes
37Rebel WBBL|05Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersDecember 1, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
38Rebel WBBL|05Melbourne Stars vs Brisbane HeatDecember 1, 2019 3:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
39Rebel WBBL|05Perth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesDecember 1, 2019 5:00:00 PM AEDTnoyes
40Rebel WBBL|05To Be Decided vs To Be DecidedDecember 6, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTyesyes
41West Indies Tour of India 2019India vs West IndiesDecember 7, 2019 12:30:00 AM AEDTnono
42Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20Tasmanian Tigers vs South AustraliaDecember 7, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnono
43Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20NSW Blues vs Queensland BullsDecember 7, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnono
44Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20Victoria vs Western AustraliaDecember 7, 2019 10:30:00 AM AEDTnono
45Rebel WBBL|05To Be Decided vs To Be DecidedDecember 7, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTyesyes
46Rebel WBBL|05To Be Decided vs To Be DecidedDecember 8, 2019 2:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
47West Indies Tour of India 2019India vs West IndiesDecember 9, 2019 12:30:00 AM AEDTnono
48West Indies Tour of India 2019India vs West IndiesDecember 12, 2019 12:30:00 AM AEDTnono
49Australia A v India A ODI - Women'sAustralia A vs India ADecember 12, 2019 11:00:00 AM AEDTnono
50Domain Test Series v New ZealandAustralia vs New ZealandDecember 12, 2019 4:00:00 PM AEDTnono
51Australia A v India A ODI - Women'sAustralia A vs India ADecember 14, 2019 11:00:00 AM AEDTnono
52West Indies Tour of India 2019India vs West IndiesDecember 15, 2019 7:30:00 PM AEDTnono
53Australia A v India A ODI - Women'sAustralia A vs India ADecember 16, 2019 11:00:00 AM AEDTnono
54KFC BBL|09Brisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderDecember 17, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
55KFC BBL|09Sydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersDecember 18, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
56West Indies Tour of India 2019India vs West IndiesDecember 18, 2019 7:30:00 PM AEDTnono
57Australia A v India A T20 - Women'sAustralia A vs India ADecember 19, 2019 2:00:00 PM AEDTnono
58KFC BBL|09Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderDecember 19, 2019 7:10:00 PM AEDTyesyes
59KFC BBL|09Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersDecember 20, 2019 2:45:00 PM AEDTyesyes