Compare the 10 Best Mobile Providers in Australia

It’s certainly gotten to a point where it’s hard to imagine calls and texts being finite and data costs being ridiculously expensive. But the truth is, it wasn’t that long ago when call and text usages had to be tracked conscientiously because unlimited wasn’t a thing yet. Data costs were so high that you had to have a good reason to browse on your mobile, unless receiving shocking mobile expenses was something you happily look forward to each month.

It’s much simpler now. Unlimited calls and texts have since become the standard. International call rates are affordable as ever. Many providers even include unlimited international calls on select plans. As for data, you can surf the internet spontaneously, scroll your social media feed when you’re bored, and stream the latest episodes of your favourite shows without the bill shock factor.

Top 10 Australian Mobile Providers

Here we compare the what are considered the 10 best mobile providers to help you find the one that’ll serve your mobile needs and make the most out of your hard earned dollar. Check them out and see what each provider has to offer.

Southern Phone Mobile

Southern Phone’s mobile offerings are one of the good ones largely because they’re powered by the Optus 4G Plus network with generous data allowances at affordable rates. Plans are differentiated by their contract terms, which dictate the data allowances and prices. The plans on a 12-month contract, as you can expect, have bigger data inclusions when compared to the no lock-in contract selections.

The 12-month plans offer data from 1GB (X Small) to 80GB (XX Large) with prices ranging from $9 to $60. Up until July 31st, customers can also enjoy discounts on all plans with the exception of the cheapest $9 deal. But if it’s greater flexibility you’re after, you can rely on the month-to-month plans to give you what you need. Prices are from $20 to $60 but data allowances are reduced — from 2.5GB to 40GB mobile data.

Southern Phone only offers good choices. All you need to do is go for the best one.

Southern Phone Best SIM Plans

Get connected from wherever you are with Southern Phone’s SIM only plans, powered by Optus. 12-month plans with unlimited calls & text start from only $9/mth.

Moose Mobile

Third-party providers like Moose Mobile make cheap, high-quality plans possible than it’s ever been. Today, you can score unlimited calls and texts with 6GB of data (for first 24 months) on a no lock-in contract plan for as low as $14.80 per month. For young kids and students, it can get cheaper at $8.80/month with unlimited texts, 300 minutes of calls, and 1GB mobile data.

These are just a few of Moose Mobile’s low-cost mobile deals. You can get data as huge as 40GB and that already includes free $400 international calls for only $46.80 on a month-to-month term. Customers also have the option to lock it in for 12 months for greater data allowances. For instance, the $46.80 month-to-month plan with 40GB data easily gets doubled to a whopping 80GB if you sign up for 12 months for only $46! It also helps a great deal that Moose Mobile uses Optus’ 4G network.

Best-Value Plans from Moose

Get your money’s worth with Moose Mobile’s range of affordable and high-value plans. No-contract plans start at $8.80/mth, powered by the Optus 4G network.

Belong Mobile

As part of Telstra’s network, Belong delivers the same, familiar reliable service equipped with extensive coverage and robust network without lengthy contracts and high plan fees. There are only three mobile plans to choose from, so Belong’s mobile appeal largely comes from its network and the simplicity of their plans. Customers have the following options:

Small with 1GB, Regular with 10GB, and Large with 40GB at $10/month, $25/month, and $40/month, respectively. The highest $40 plan also includes unlimited international calls and texts to selected countries. There’s no lock-in contract and there’s unlimited banking on all plans, allowing you to save any unused data and use it when you need more. Everything about Belong’s mobile offerings are straightforward and it’s a good thing.

Flexible Mobile Plans from Belong

Get more for less with Belong Mobile starting at only $10/month, giving you 1GB data + unlimited calls & texts and no lock-in contract, plus many other perks!

Telstra Mobile

Telstra is an established name in the telco business. And for many customers, it’s all about the brand and Australia’s largest mobile network is a widely trusted one. That’s why even with the not-so-cheap mobile plans, the company successfully brings in more people every year, all thanks to valuable inclusions and perks exclusive to Telstra customers. It’s also a fact that Telstra’s mobile offerings have gone through changes in recent years, making them more accessible budget-wise. 

Telstra’s BYO plans start from $50 per month on a month-to-month contract, which includes 30GB data and unlimited national calls and texts. The highest-end plan, meanwhile, includes 150GB data at $100/month. By and large, these are just basic inclusions — only pricier than most. But, as mentioned, Telstra has great perks that are only exclusive to their customers. There’s data-free Apple Music, data free live sports streaming (AFL, AFLW, NRL, Netball and the Hyundai A-League), Telstra Air access and all plans with no excess data charges in Australia. Even better, free 5G network access is included on select mobile plans.

These extra inclusions effectively even things out. The new no lock-in contract plans also allow customers to add a new phone to any of the month-to-month plans, which you can pay off over 24 or 36 months. If you cancel, you can simply pay out your phone. 

Additional offer: To support customers during Covid-19, postpaid mobile and mobile broadband users can register for an extra 25GB at no extra cost to use within 30 days. You can apply for another 25GB after expiry. Register via the My Telstra app until 30 June 2020 to get the free data.

Get More Flexibility with Telstra!

Telstra now offers the ultimate flexibility with new month-to-month mobile broadband plans with no lock-in contracts + no excess data charges in Australia. Plans start from $15/mth & comes with 5G access free trial.

amaysim Mobile

amaysim takes the competition even further with great-value prepaid plans powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. As more companies join the growing list of third-party providers in the country, it consequently increases options for customers as well. Some of the best ones come from amaysim. Nearing its decade tenure in the industry, amaysim has gone through multiple transformations throughout the years, even venturing into the NBN.

Now the company has returned to its original roots, which is mobile, and customers couldn’t be more satisfied. Five SIM-only plans are currently offered, all including unlimited national talk and text and unlimited international calls to 19 countries on the higher-end plans. Data allowances are distributed evenly — 2GB, 5GB, 35GB, 45GB, and 60GB with prices of $10, $20, $30, $40, and $50 per 28 days, respectively.

Woolworths Mobile

Supermarket giant Woolworths delivers its own range of competitive mobile plans categorised into three: postpaid, prepaid, and 12-month SIM-only plans. Conveniently, both the phone-included and 12-month services include the same call, text, and data inclusions regardless of the plan type. The cheapest 12-month SIMonly plan offered at $20/month delivers unlimited calls and texts to standard numbers in Australia with 5GB of data including 2GB monthly bonus. Speaking of bonuses, phone and 12-month plans offer bonus data on a monthly basis (2GB-25GB).

Moreover, Woolworths increase the value of their mobile offerings through several add-ons with no extra costs. Apart from the bonus data, there’s also a 10GB additional data every 3 months for postpaid plans only, and 100GB data banking (200GB data bank for prepaid plans). Prepaid plans, on the other hand, also offer unlimited calls and texts with data allowances starting from 1GB up to 55GB (30-day expiry). Woolworths’ plans also use parts of Telstra’s 3G and 4G network. You even get 10% off your grocery shop every month when you link your Woolworths Rewards account to your Woolworths Mobile account. What’s not to like?

Worthwhile Family Mobile Plans

Get everyone connected with Woolworths’ Happy Family Mobile Plans. Enjoy unlimited calls & texts, large data + bonuses with plans from $10/mth.

OVO Mobile

OVO launched in 2016, shaking things up with their cheap, high data prepaid plans powered by Optus 4G and their very own answer to people’s penchant for data-free streaming — OVOPlay. Since then, the telco has undergone notable improvements to add value to their offerings. This year we saw OVO at their most generous, doubling data allocation on all mobile plans.

For as low as $9.95 per month, you can score unlimited texts, 500 minutes calls, and 2GB data. The rest of the plans pack unlimited calls with data allowances going from 4GB up to 40GB and prices between $14.95 and $49.95 every 30 days. There are international call credits on select plans as well. Moreover, OVO also takes pride in its 250GB mobile broadband plan at $79.95/30 days – a solid alternative to fixed internet for a good price.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile uses parts of Telstra’s 3G and 4G network with prepaid plans categorised by their expiries: 7 days, 28 days, and the new 6 month and 12 month-expiry plans. Most customers may have already been used to mobile plans lasting 28-30 days but it’s great to have longer options.

As a whole, Boost Mobile is a solid alternative if you want to connect via Telstra’s network while also enjoying Boost’s amazing inclusions. 28-day prepaid plans come with data allowances starting from 5GB up to 65GB with prices between $20 and $70. You get even more of what your money’s worth with 14GB bonus on first 3 recharges plus data-free Apple Music streaming and unlimited international calls to 20-30 countries.

Exetel Mobile

Australia’s largest independent provider, Exetel, has been consistent when it comes to delivering low-cost telco options. For starters, their affordable broadband plans have set the benchmark in providing true value without burdening users with staggering costs. That’s why Exetel venturing into mobile was great news for Aussies looking to score a phone plan that won’t hurt their budget.   

It’s easy to see why thousands of mobile customers would settle on Exetel’s no lock-in contract plans. First, their SIM-only plans are conveniently suitable for every type of user, from kids to parents, students to employees, and even seniors and pensioners. Second, the telco uses Optus as the backbone of their mobile network. All plans except the $9.99 deal also include unlimited national calls.

Finally, their data allowances starting from 1GB going up to 18GB are easily perceived as valuable because of the cheap prices that correspond each.

Yomojo Mobile

Yomojo has something that other mobile providers don’t have — Family Bundles. If you’re from a large household, Yomojo’s Optus backed prepaid plans are the perfect solution to keep everyone connected in a single account. This arrangement goes beyond convenience. Creating a Family Bundle also translates to monthly discounts of up to 15% all year round. That’s huge.

The telco’s individual plans are also among the cheapest starting with the Kids Plan at $9.90 per month. It includes 200 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB data. The rest are unlimited ones differentiated by data allowances — from 2GB up to 45GB with prices between $15.90 and $49.90 every 30 days.

Finding the Best Among the Best

Gone are the days when you can only choose from a handful of mobile providers — mostly the three big leagues — to power up your phone and help you stay connected wherever you go. Nowadays, you have the option (and lots of it!) and the luxury of choosing the best plan that can give you what you need and what fits your budget. So before zeroing in on a specific mobile provider or offer, we highly recommend that you shop around and compare mobile plans in order to find the very best one.

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Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans compare all now Southern Phone 18GB for $22/mth


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