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Updated 30th September 2019

There used to be a stigma associated with cheap prepaid mobile phones and plans. They are an option people chose when they couldn’t afford a long-term contract. Prepaid plans have always been a convenient option for those that want more flexibility, but at the cost of a more expensive service overall.

All that’s now changed. Prepaid mobile plans offer some of the best value. They also give you flexibility in a rapidly-changing mobile market, where today’s best mobile plan could easily be next month’s worst! With a prepaid plan, you have the power to change providers, swap plans whenever it suits, or buy a mobile phone to meet your budget (one that’s yours to keep or later sell, if you like).

What are the Best Prepaid Mobile Plans?

Prepaid used to be all about “choose your recharge amount and deal with the high call and text costs”. Today’s prepaid plans give you value for money, with many offering unlimited calls and text messaging as a baseline. There are some people who rarely use their mobile phone – they have it in case of emergency, or to receive calls – so for those people, spending money every 30 days to recharge their prepaid service would be wasted money. For them, the best-prepaid plans could be the ones others scoff at – low call and data allowance, but a long expiry time.

If you spend most of your time on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media, it’s all about the data. Most providers offer prepaid plans that hone in on raw data allowance. Lucky for you, this usually comes with unlimited calls and texts as standard. The monthly recharge cost will depend on the volume of data you get. Let’s look at some of the best prepaid plans from OVO Mobile, Telstra and even Woolies.

  • OVO Mobile
  • Telstra Mobile
  • Woolworths Mobile

OVO Mobile Prepaid Plans

For ‘the browser’, their phone is a phone – it makes calls and keeps them in touch with friends – even friends overseas. OVO’s prepaid offerings cater to this mid-range usage brilliantly. They offer unlimited calls and texts from $14.95/30days, which also includes unlimited data-free live streaming on OVOPlay. The best part is how OVO now offers twice the amount of data across all of their mobile plans, which means that you get more data for much less. You can go for the MiniPlus plan, which at only $14.95/30 days, gives you 4GB data. If you still need more, the Small plan can give you the data that you need with 10GB for only $19.95/30days.

OVO just levelled up their game with their FansFirst Promise. This means heaps of national and international calling, messaging, plus double the amount of data — and all without any lock-in contract whatsoever. For as low as $9.95/30days, you can get 2GB worth of data — same goes across all prepaid plans, even the Extra Large plan that gives you a whopping 40GB data for only $49.95/30days.

Get Double the Data from OVO!

Score twice the data on all prepaid plans for the same price thanks to OVO’s FansFirst Promise. Get unlimited talk & text in Oz + data-free live streaming on OVOPlay from $14.95/30days.

Telstra Mobile Prepaid Plans

Long-life prepaid plans – like those offered by Telstra – come in handy. With recharges starting at $20 and extending out to $100, these plans can keep your phone on air for as long as a year between recharge. To extend that far, you’d need to pick the $70 recharge at a minimum so it’s far better value for the true super-occasional user to pick the $30 recharge that lasts a full 6 months, bringing the minimum annual cost down to only $60. These are more “traditional” prepaid plans where calls, texts, and data are all charged. They can be perfect for someone who just needs to have a phone when they need it.  

For included unlimited calls and texts with generous data allowance, Telstra offers Prepaid Max. These prepaid plans include up to $100 extra credit and bonus data of up to 15GB. They all include unlimited national talk and text. The highest-value $300 prepaid plan has a 12-month expiry, which is a great value considering that puts your monthly cost to just $25. 

Get More Flexibility with Telstra!

Telstra now offers the ultimate flexibility with new month-to-month mobile plans with no lock-in contracts + no excess data charges in Australia. BYO plans start from $50/mth & comes with 5G access free trial.

Woolworths Prepaid Mobile Plans

Woolworths has prepaid plans starting from $20 per month, customers get unlimited calls and texts to standard numbers in Australia, 3GB base data, and 100GB data banking. They also include a free 12-month free subscription to Family Zone, which is perfect for families with kids. The rest of the three plans are as follows: $30/month for 16GB, $40/month for 25GB, and $50/month for 35GB. And since the data allowances are just the base ones, users can expect a lot more!

Woolworths’ prepaid plans are also loaded with offers that substantially increase their value. Bonus data can go up to 22GB for the first 2 recharges, and what’s more, there’s also an extra 10GB data to make use of every 3 recharges. Then there’s also Woolworths’ rewards card, delivering ongoing discounts and other benefits, saving you money in the long run.

Worthwhile Family Mobile Plans

Get everyone connected with Woolworths’ Happy Family Mobile Plans. Enjoy unlimited calls & texts, large data + bonuses with plans from $20/mth.

What is the best Prepaid Mobile Plan for you?

You might pick a prepaid plan, then discover it doesn’t suit your usage, but fear not – you can swap to a different one any time. That’s the killer benefit of prepaid that no other type of phone plan can match. Prepaid plans are no longer the only option for those who can’t get or don’t want a contract. These days, prepaid mobile plans are the smart way to go.

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