Boost vs Vaya: Review Plans and Pricing

Thankfully, we no longer have to sign up for a long-term contract to get an affordable phone plan. That is great news for anyone who’s looking for a mobile phone service that will serve their needs without making a dent in the budget. The ever-growing wave of third-party providers that run their services on one of the “big three” networks has been changing over the past few years.

Moving away from the big providers no longer means getting a second-rate mobile service. Almost all the reputable third-party providers give you access to the fully-featured network – including 4G data, if you have a phone capable of handling it. Today, we take a look at two of those providers: Vaya and Boost.

As long as you already own a handset that’s not locked to a specific network, you can pick and choose from a wide range of mobile options. And when it comes to value, Boost and Vaya stand out from the crowd. They have a habit of delivering more for less – but in very different ways, on two different mobile networks. So if you’re looking to start talking, texting and socialising online, read on to see what each of these cost-conscious providers can offer you.

Vaya Mobile

A brand name that’s been around for some years now, Vaya was always known for providing SIM only plans with incredibly low prices. But since they were snapped up by amaysim, the prices have only gone in one direction – down. Vaya mobile plans have consistently been award-winners. Quite literally, with the respected Money Magazine awarding them Best Value Mobile Plan for Average Usage in three out of the last four years.

A quick look at Vaya’s plans will show you why. If your main priority with your mobile is talk and text, this is the provider for you. The entry-level plan costs a mere $16 per month — $14 if you sign up for six months.

But surely at such a low monthly price, you’re going to be paying for hidden extras? Or be stuck with a limit on the amount of calls you can make, right? Wrong! Vaya’s $16 plan gives you unlimited calls to any Australian number – including the 13 and 18 numbers used by most businesses. You also get unlimited text and MMS within Australia. Voicemail is also included and is unlimited – no charges to dial in to listen to your messages, ever.

This entry-level plan comes with only 1.5GB of data. Thus, if you’re a data-hungry user you’ll likely need to consider one of the higher plans. But for the user who spends most of their time using the phone as a phone, this Vaya plan’s value is pretty much unbeatable.

Vaya runs on the Optus 4G Plus network. If you do need a little more data to get by, you can step up to plans with 3GB, 10GB or 13GB. These cost $24, $36 and $44 respectively (that last two also include 200 minutes international calls to 100 countries for only $2/month).

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Boost Mobile

Long-running provider Boost made the move over to the Telstra 4G network a few years ago. The telco can now be counted as one of a very small group of third-party providers that operates on the acclaimed network with coverage reaching almost every inhabited corner of the country.

Boost mobile plans all offer unlimited calls, text, and MMS to numbers within Australia. There are five different plans to choose from. However, the entry-level $10 plan only provides 7 days of access to its calls and 1.5GB of data. Vaya’s $16 plan would be a far better choice for users at that price point. After all, this Boost plan might sound cheap but works out to $40 for 28 days. And for $40 with Boost, you can have a plan that gives you a total of 15GB of data; along with unlimited international calls and text to 15 countries.

It’s that $40 plan along with its $30 sibling that are the most attractive Boost plans. The $30 plan gives you 6GB of data and retains the free international calls but to only 10 countries. Those who call overseas often will most likely find these inclusions handy. It’s also important to note that the three higher-value plans, $30, $40, and $50 plans include an additional 100 minutes of calls and 100 texts to selected countries. Plus these plans also offer data rollover so you can consume any unused data on your next recharge.

Boost also offers data-free streaming of Apple Music on all its plans.

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The verdict

So, then, which offers the best bang for your buck – Boost or Vaya? Boost’s key advantage over the Vaya mobile deals is the volume of data you get. But then, Vaya comes close with its $36 plan, which actually beats the $40 Boost plan for value, offering almost exactly the same inclusions. The decision will come down to whether or not a large data allowance is important to you. And, of course, whether you’d rather be on the Optus or Telstra networks. One thing for sure – Vaya’s lowest-cost plan beats anything Boost has to offer as long as you’re only interested in talking and text messaging. That’s pretty great value right there.

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