Belong Broadband Deals and Internet Plans for Pensioners

Getting the right broadband deal can be tough – particularly if you’re on a budget. Fortunately, changes in the telecommunications market in Australia in recent years has led to the arrival of a group of new providers. These new telcos are able to compete with the big boys when it comes to capacity and speed, but at a cheap rate. They’ve brought down the overall costs of accessing the internet and using your phone, while improving quality and speed throughout the market.

If you don’t know of Belong Broadband, we recommend that you get acquainted. Belong Broadband is, in many ways, a great example of how much the Aussie telecommunications landscape has improved and evolved in recent years. As a subsidiary of Telstra, they have access to the country’s biggest and best broadband network. But they do operate much more like a new provider, offering flexible deals with top-quality internet at a fair rate. They also don’t charge more at peak times, which is great for anyone who doesn’t like surprise costs.

Is there a Seniors or Pensioners Plan?

In recent years, plenty of big and small providers have taken the step of getting rid of their plans targeted at pensioners and seniors. And while that might seem like an unfortunate step considering that costs are going up everywhere and a senior’s discount can really help, it’s actually a positive thing in many ways. Where providers had offered seniors discounts, these were often very narrow plans targeted at someone’s idea of what seniors and pensioners are. The result was plans with low download limits which rarely incorporated many of the perks which were enjoyed in the mainstream plans.

The Benefits

Seniors in Australia are a diverse group with a range of different internet browsing habits, so getting rid of seniors plans – or plans targeted specifically at what companies thought seniors wanted – was in many ways a good thing for Aussie seniors. There was a tendency for customers to go over their download limits and pay high rates for exceeding their data plans.

While there are still some seniors plans out there – and while Belong’s offerings aren’t specifically targeted at seniors – they actually have a great set of deals which save money and provide excellent internet for seniors and non-seniors alike. That said, Belong also loves a perk or an introductory offer, so be sure to check out their latest deals for a way to save.

Best Bundles for Seniors

Belong Broadband is what many of us want from the internet. They’re a no fuss provider with good deals and excellent prices. They don’t offer loads of bells and whistles to attract your attention, but if you don’t want bells and whistles then why would you go for them? The fact that their no-hassle broadband is offered on the Telstra network is just an extra bonus.

The first thing you need to think about when considering Belong Broadband is something you have little control over: NBN (National Broadband Network) or ADSL. Your house will be connected to either one of these networks, and whichever one you’re connected to will determine which you can choose. To find out, use our handy locator link, which will let you know.

Belong’s NBN Plans

Belong Broadband has three plans, which differ mainly on the basis of connection speed: Starter, Standard Plus and Premium. The first thing you need to remember is that all of their plans come with unlimited downloads – which is great as you know you won’t get a nasty surprise come bill time. Surf the internet without fear of hitting your limits!

Starter and Standard Plans

Then comes the speed. Starter has 30MBPS, which is a pretty standard speed which will allow a household to perform basic internet activities at the same time. Standard Plus connects at 40MBPS, letting three to six people in a household to be online at the same time with few interruptions.

The Premium Plan

The final speed rung is Premium, which as you might expect is the best speed on offer. Premium connects you at 80MBPS, which ranks up there with some of the best mainstream providers in Australia when it comes to speed. Whether you’re streaming, uploading, downloading – and of course completing normal internet activities like browsing and emailing – you’ll be able to do so on Premium.  

Aside from deciding your connection speed, the next thing you need to think about is contract length. Neither deal has an activation fee, however if you sign the 12-month contract you do save money over the length of it – plus they throw in a Wi-Fi modem, which is essential to get connected.

ADSL Plans

If you’re still on the ADSL network, Belong has two plans, which differ depending on download limit (whether limited data or unlimited data per month). The first gives you a limit of 100GB per month of data and the second is unlimited. Like with the NBN plans, you’ve got the option of going month-to-month or signing a 12-month contract, with the latter coming with a free Wi-FI modem.

What about phone calls?

Belong Broadband also has a side-arm called Belong Mobile. By signing up to their broadband service, they’ve got great introductory offers for sim cards and mobile plans that will cover your mobile usage as well. This gives you a convenient calling option which you can take with you. As for home phone deals, Belong does not offer bundles in this area – so if you use your home phone regularly, then check out if this plan is really right for you.

Are these plans right for you?

With so many options out there these days, choosing the right plan can be difficult regardless of your budget. This is something seniors and pensioners know all too well. Many plans have additional or hidden costs, and they can be confusing for even the most tech savvy person out there. Belong is great in that they offer set plans, which can be established on a flexible basis. Their unlimited data means you can surf the internet without worrying about additional fees, while their connection to Telstra guarantees you access to Australia’s best internet network.


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