Aussie Broadband: Best Seniors Deals and Internet Plans

If you are someone who was born in the digital age, you wouldn’t have as much of an appreciation for where we’re heading, in terms of technological advancement, as a pensioner would, having experienced the full spectrum of where we have come from. Seniors and pensioners today haven’t just embraced this change, they have grabbed it by the horns and are masters of the game in their own right. While they might seek help and guidance from the younger generation around software usage, for the most part of it, they’ve got the part down to the T. With the internet being the main mode of work and communication, Seniors are using it to stay in touch with family, pay bills from the comfort of their home and get their daily dose of entertainment.

The internet is as much of a necessity as electricity and water. With so many bundles and plans to choose from, it can be tricky for a pensioner to find the one that meets all their needs and does not throw their budget out of whack. Aussie Broadband has a range of plans to suit pensioners and seniors that will allow them to make use of the benefits of NBN, without the technology hassles.

What are the options for Aussie Seniors?

Aussie Broadband has made it super easy for seniors to get on board with one of their Seniors’ Internet plans. Regardless of your technical knowledge, Aussie promises the kind of customer service that will hold your hand from start to finish, to help you make an easy switch from your dial up, ADSL or cable internet to their NBN connection. Their plans start from $35 per month and can come with a number of add-ons such as local, national and international calls.

Are there any special senior discounts?

While there are no special discounts or broadband plans specifically for seniors, Aussie broadband does promise to go the extra length to deliver customer support that caters to every kind of customer. They aim to make the set up as easy and painless as possible, so that even the most technically challenged Australian can get with the program.

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Best Bundles for Seniors

The Aussie Broadband bundle we recommend for pensioners is the all-inclusive ‘NBN 25 internet + phone’ plan that includes the line rental and phone calls to all local, national and mobile numbers. This is especially great if you mainly use your landline to make calls. This bundle is priced at $65 a month and gives you 100GB of data at 23Mbps, which is pretty fast.

100GB is a LOT of data. It will more than satisfy your requirements for browsing websites, reading and emailing. It’s only if you plan to stream a lot of videos on streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon that your data may burn quickly. Similarly, if you’re using gaming consoles with high download demands that can also quickly use up a lot of your data.

There are no set up fees or lock-in contracts so you are free to move on to a different provider at any time. There is, however, a $99 fee for the modem/router if you don’t already have one.

How many phone calls are included?

For Seniors and Pensioners, it’s important to note that calls to all local, national and mobile numbers are included on plans. The price for international calls vary depending on the country you are calling and for 1300 and 13 numbers, you would be charged 35c per call.

What about NBN?

All of Aussie Broadband’s plans are “NBN ready”. What this means is that if NBN isn’t already available in your local area, when it does arrive, you can move over to the new network without incurring any extra cost. Nothing else will change – you will still have access to your home phone and internet.

Are these plans right for you?

While being very reasonably priced compared to other similar offerings from bigger names like Telstra, Aussie Broadband does have its limitations. For example, if you go over your data limit, it is likely that your internet speed will slow down as opposed to you having the option to purchase a top up. If you are well aware of your broadband usage patterns and are able to select a plan with a data cap that will be more than enough to cover all your needs, then Aussie Broadband, with its reliable customer service, will not disappoint.

What’s more is you don’t have to choose from the Senior plans. There are plenty of other offerings in the Aussie Broadband space where the NBN plans are more data heavy, with better speeds and inclusions. So, have a look around and see what are the best options for Seniors and don’t hold back if you need some guidance around making an informed decision – Aussie Broadband’s local customer support have your back.


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