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ImagePriceProductURLBrandCategory x BELKIN TrueClear Screen Protectors Samsung GalaxyTab2 + Note 10.1" [F07] & Tablet Computers CVAIA-156006-I5 THE XIAOMI GAMING LAPTOP FEATURES A POWERFUL INTEL CPU,.g. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-156006-I7 THE XIAOMI MI GAMING LAPTOP COMES PACKED WITH A POWERFU.g. & Tablet Computers Intuos Comfort PB Small Pistachio Green with Bluetooth PN CTL-4100WL/E0-C & Tablet Computers Intuos Comfort PB Small Black with Bluetooth PN CTL-4100WL/K0-C & Tablet Computers CVAII-156004 THE XIAOMI NOTEBOOK PRO COMES WITH CORE I7, 16 GB RAM AND .g. & Tablet Computers Intuos Comfort PLUS PB Medium Pistachio with Bluetooth PN CTL-6100WL/E0-C & Tablet Computers Intuos Comfort PLUS PB Medium Black with Bluetooth PN CTL-6100WL/K0-C & Tablet Computers Intuos Basic Pen Small Black PN CTL-4100/K0-C & Tablet Computers lot of 9x New Genuine Apple Chargers 10w for iPad iPhone & Tablet Computers Galaxy Tab A 8.0 LTE 4G SMT385 16GB (Black) UNLOCKED GENUINE Makes Calls & Tablet Computers Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 10.1" LTE 16GB SM-P585Y & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Battery for Leader Companion 503, 523, SC503, SC523 free & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Keyboard multi coulour backlit keyboard for SRVS1060G15M, & Tablet Computers AT10LE-A Tablet & Tablet Computers SC340 , LEADER ULTRASLIM COMPANION 340,13.3'FHD FHD IPS 1920*1080/ I7-7.e. & Tablet Computers TBL-12WPRO , LEADERTAB12WPRO, 11.6' FHDMULTI TOUCH, INTEL Z8300, 4GB DD.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-AWE55AU AWE55AU, TARGUS LAP CHILL MAT - FITS LAPTOPS UPTO 17'....e. & Tablet Computers x 2 Pack BELKIN TrueClear Anti-Smudge Screen Protector Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 [07] & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Tab W230V2, 10.1" /Intel Z3735F/IP51/ 2GB/64GB/WIFI+ & Tablet Computers 15.6' Intellect Top Load Case - TBT239AU & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Keyboard for Leader Companion 562, 562PRO, 770, 503, 523, & Tablet Computers CVAIS-104173-2GEN THE ONDA V10 PRO TABLET PC WITH BOTH ANDROID AND PHOE.g. & Tablet Computers MSI Laptop Notebook Batteryr - To suit MSI MS-177X free shipping & Tablet Computers Toshiba Mi Battery Pack (6 Cell) 5200mAh – NB510, Portege M800, Satellite A6 & Tablet Computers CVNP-A250 WIRELESS KEYBOARD, GAME CONTROLLER AND TOUCH MOUSE PAD COMBO .g. & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics LCD panel 17.3" FHD IPS for SRVF1070G17D & SRVF1080G & Tablet Computers CVAIE-133003-SILVER JUMPER EZBOOK 3 PRO LAPTOP WITH INTEL CELERON N3450.g. & Tablet Computers Mi Battery Pack (6 Cell) 4600mAh – Qosmio F60/F750 & Tablet Computers CVAIE-140001 THE JUMPER EZBOOK 2 IS AN ULTRA-THIN WINDOWS 10 LAPTOP THA.g. & Tablet Computers CVAHC-104163 10.8 INCH HYBRID TABLET / LAPTOP WITH DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 10.g. & Tablet Computers CVAJP-104182 THE VOYO 10.1-INCH TABLET PC & KEYBOARD HAS ENOUGH POWER F.g. & Tablet Computers[Au Stock] - Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 WiFi 16GB T390 - Black & Tablet Computers NAT-PA5279A-1AC3 PA5279A-1AC3, TOSHIBA USB-C AC ADAPTER 45W X20 / X30 /.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-TSB859AU TSB859AU, TARGUS 15.6 GRID ESSENTIALS HIGH-IMPACT PROTECT.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-PA5192A-1AC PA5192A-1AC3, TOSHIBA 45W AC ADAPTER - SUITS SATELLITE .e. & Tablet Computers NAT-APD046AU APD046AU, TARGUS 90W LAPTOP 12V CAR CHARGER SUITS USB PHON.e. & Tablet Computers CVABR-G772 GPD WIN GAMEPAD IS A MINI WINDOWS 10 LAPTOP THAT MAKES PC GA.g. & Tablet Computers CVAGW-74126 THIS CHEAP ANDROID TABLET PC COMES WITH DUAL-IMEI AND 3G CO.g. & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Power adaptor for Leader Companion 562, 562PRO, 770, SC56 & Tablet Computers, 11.6" FHDMulti touch Intel Z8300 64GB Windows 10 Pro & Tablet Computers Samsung Gal TabCar Charger Galaxy Tab 10.1/7.7 Car Charge free shipping & Tablet Computers NALT10W-ACADAP , LEADERTAB 10W&10WKB AC ADAPOR IE8011POWERADAPTOR DC T.e. & Tablet Computers ATDEC MAAT-SPIPC121 SPIPC121, SAFEGUARD IPADMULTIGRIP CLAMP ACCESS TO V.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-ASP66GLX-S ASP66GLX-S, TARGUS DEFCON?? TRAPEZOID SERIALIZED COMBO C.e. & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Power cord for Leader Companion 562, 562PRO, 770, 503, 52 & Tablet Computers NA-S-GALTABCHAR 10171, SAMSUNG GAL TABCAR CHARGER GALAXY TAB 10.1/7.7 C.e. & Tablet Computers Samsung Gal Tab7.7 Pouch Galaxy Tab 7.7 Pouch free shipping & Tablet Computers NAT-PA235U PA235U, TARGUS UNIVERSAL MONITOR STAND SLIDING TRAY/HEIGHT A.e. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104190-1+16GB-USA .......g. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104190-1+16GB-EUROPE .......g. & Tablet Computers NAT-TBB565AU TBB565AU, TARGUS 15.6' INTELLECT LAPTOP PADDED LAPTOP COMP.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-APA30AU APA30AU, TARGUS 90W AC POWER SUPPLY UNIVERSAL NOTEBOOK ADAP.e. & Tablet Computers Samsung GalaxyTab 7.7 BookCov Galaxy Tab 7.7 Book Cover free shipping & Tablet Computers Samsung Digitizer Pen Series 5 Smart PC,Blue, Draw, Mouse free shipping & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics SU-37 Extendable Sylus free shipping & Tablet Computers NALW10-KB , LEADERTAB 10W32KEYBOARD 2IN1 USB PROPIETARY CONNECTION....e. & Tablet Computers TARGUS Micro USB Cable free shipping & Tablet Computers CVAGW-94179 THIS CHEAP ANDROID TABLET PC IS A GREAT FIRST-TIME TABLET F.g. & Tablet Computers NAL-SU37 60715, LEADER SU-37 EXTENDABLE SYLUS....e. & Tablet Computers CVNP-A250-BLACK THIS 91 KEY PORTABLE MINI KEYBOARD LETS YOU EASILY CONT.g. & Tablet Computers CVNP-A309 THE 'IPAZZPORT' WIRELESS MINI QWERTY KEYBOARD LETS YOUR CONTR.g. & Tablet Computers TARGUS NAT-KB-HSW131 641100183080, KEYBOARD BLK BTWIN8 ENGLISH 83K(US)V.e. & Tablet Computers TARGUS NAT-LCD-HSW131 640571130301, 13.3 LED EDP 1920*1080 TFT CHIMEI N.e. & Tablet Computers CVAGW-104160-GOLD 3G ANDROID TABLET WITH 10.1-INCH DISPLAY, QUAD-CORE C.g. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-74149-RED .......g. & Tablet Computers CVAHC-104179 GET THIS WONDERFUL WINDOWS TABLET PC THAT RUNS ON LATEST W.g. & Tablet Computers CVAHX-94185-WHITE THE LENOVO P8 IS A POWERFUL ANDROID TABLET PC THAT CO.g. & Tablet Computers NAT-AMM16502US AMM16502US, TARGUS STANDARD STYLUS WITH EMBEDDED CLIP - .e. & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics 17.3" QHD 4K panel only for Resistance 17.3" No & Tablet Computers CVYF-74145-BLACK THIS 7 INCH ANDROID 4.4 TABLET HAS A QUAD CORE A33 CPU.g. & Tablet Computers SC326 , LEADER ULTRASLIM COMPANION 326,13.3'FHD FHD IPS 1920*1080/ I5-6.e. & Tablet Computers CVAIE-140008 THE JUMPER EZBOOK 3S WINDOWS LAPTOP COMES WITH A BEAUTIFUL.g. & Tablet Computers 5PCS Smart Cover Back Stand Flip Case for Apple iPad 5 Air 1 Xmas Bulk & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104165 THE ONDA OBOOK 20 PLUS TABLET PC FEATURES BOTH ANDROID AND.g. & Tablet Computers Leader Electronics Motherboard with Z8300,4G/64G, AC WIFI for Leader Tab TBL & Tablet Computers NAH-NBAHUN90WES NBAHUN90WESIIUL, HUNTKEY 90W UNIVERSAL NB ADPT 90W ES I.e. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104190-2+32GB-EUROPE .......g. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104185-WHITE ...3G ANDROID TABLET WITH 10.1-INCH DISPLAY, QUAD-CO.g. & Tablet Computers SM-T350NZWAXSA Tab A 8.0 16GB android tablet White & Tablet Computers NAT-CN514AU CN514AU, TARGUS CN514AU, 13-14' CLASSIC TOPLOAD LAPTOP CASE.e. & Tablet Computers NAS-AADP2N65LEX AA-DP2N65L/EX., SAMSUNG DIGITIZER PEN SERIES 5 SMART PC.e. & Tablet Computers LEADER NALBAT-W100-PRO , BATTERY REPLACEPROGRAM W100 TO BE REPLACED AT .e. & Tablet Computers Electronics Keyboard multi coulour backlit keyboard for SRVS1060G15M, Res & Tablet Computers NAT-AWE10AU AWE10AU, TARGUS ROTATING MONITOR STAND....e. & Tablet Computers Electronics LCD panel 17.3" FHD IPS for SRVF1070G17D & SRVF1080G17D, & Tablet Computers NAT-TCG660AU TCG660A U, TARGUS CITYGEAR 15.6' LAPTOP BACKPACK BLACK - .e. & Tablet Computers CVYF-74145-WHITE THIS 7 INCH QUAD CORE TABLET COMES WITH AN ANDROID 4.4.g. & Tablet Computers CVAGW-74126-BLACK CHEAP ANDROID TABLET FEATURES DUAL-IMEI NUMBERS AND S.g. & Tablet Computers Electronics Battery for Leader Companion 503, 523, SC503, SC523 & Tablet Computers NAHP-H2W17AA H2W17AA, HP 15.6 ESSENTIAL TOP LOAD CASE TO SUIT 15.6' NOT.e. & Tablet Computers LEADER NA-M-XOOMFOLIO L-5FFMX, MOTOROLA XOOM FOLIO CASE BLK XOOM CASE B.e. & Tablet Computers NAT-TSS868AU TSS868AU, TARGUS CITYGEAR 16'-17' SLIM TOPLOAD NOTEBOOK CA.e. & Tablet Computers TOSHIBA NAT-LCB395 LCB395, MI BATTERY PACK (6 CELL) 5200MAH NB510, PO.e. & Tablet Computers TOSHIBA NAT-LCB670 LCB670, MI INTERNAL BATTERY PACK (6 CELL) 4150MAH .e. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-104185 3G ANDROID TABLET WITH 10.1-INCH DISPLAY, QUAD-CORE CPU, A.g. & Tablet Computers CVAIA-94163 THE ONDA V80 SE ANDROID TABLET PC FEATURES A BEAUTIFUL 8-IN.g. & Tablet Computers NAT-ACC966AU ACC966AU, TARGUS MICRO USB CABLE....e. & Tablet Computers TOSHIBA NAT-LCB504 LCB504, MI BATTERY PACK (6 CELL) 5200MAH SATELLITE.e. & Tablet Computers TARGUS NAT-RJ45-HSW131 700113100111, RJ45 CAP SILVER PL. TU131 V1 NPB...e. & Tablet Computers

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Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets – Speed Read

Desktop buying tips

  • Reasons to still buy a desktop: great family PCs, ideal if you’re establishing a work area in your home, connected to a large monitor or TV they can double as media centers for storage and playback
  • Plus, a desktop lets you swap out components and upgrade
  • You have multiple choices here – tower, all-in-one, mini and stick PCs
  • Things to check when buying: processor (CPU), memory (RAM), hard drive, optical drives, video card, monitor, external connectors

Recommended minimum requirements for desktops/laptops:

  • Processor – dual core @ 2.4 GHz (i5 or i7 Intel processor or equivalent AMD)
  • RAM – 8 GB
  • Hard Drive – 320 GB 5400 RPM hard drive
  • Wireless (for laptops) – 802.11g/n (WPA2 support required)
  • Operating System – Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Apple OS X 10.11

Laptop buying tips

  • Make sure your laptop isn’t too heavy, so it will be easy to carry it around
  • If you’re only looking for a device for Google Docs/Google Office, streaming, social media, YouTube – a budget laptop will do just fine
  • How about storage? 256GB should be a good middle ground, especially if you mostly store files/photos on the cloud
  • Important to note: gamers should look for more powerful systems with enough storage for big game files (if you play online, you also need a great broadband plan)
  • Connect your PC to a TV for big-screen games and streaming

Tablet buying tips:

  • When picking a tablet, look beyond the price and think about what you’re getting in terms of hardware and software
  • If you simply want a tablet for general home use, a cheaper choice will do; otherwise, consider expanding your budget
  • One of the most important factors to consider is storage capacity – some tablets include storage expansion options like microSD cards
  • Buying for kids? Consider size, price, durability, and parental-control features


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Desktops, laptops, and tablets FAQs

Most laptops come with one of three operating systems: Windows, Chrome OS or Mac OS X (for MacBooks only). Which you choose depends solely on your personal preferences. If you’re an Apple person, Mac OS X is definitely for you, but it’s more expensive. Otherwise, Windows is a great choice, with a lower entry price point. Last but not least, Chromebooks have evolved along the way, so there’s no reason why you can’t choose one as your main laptop anymore.
Unfortunately, we can’t really advise you in this department. If you need a device now, go for it. Regardless of how up-to-date your device is, there’s always a new version coming. Make sure the desktop/laptop/tablet comes with everything you need momentarily – you can always upgrade later if necessary.
The screen size depends on what you plan to use the tablet for. A 6 to 8 inch screen size is small and usually cheaper, typically underpowered compared with larger tablets, but much more portable. A screen size above 8.9 inch means a larger screen which translates to a better viewing experience. They also tend to pack faster processors.