How to watch Foxtel on an iPad or iPhone?


How to watch Foxtel on an iPad or iPhone

Foxtel can be watched on a person’s Ipad and Iphone provided there is a reliable source of internet connection that has high speed.

This is made possible by Foxtel Go which is an application that allows customers to view channels on mobile devices wherever they are. It was launched in November 2012 when it was brought to the market and popularize during the London Olympics when simulcast where being uploaded.

It was made available to Iphones in February 2013 making it accessible to smart phone users who wished to view their favourite programs without having to go home. It enables Foxtel customers to log in with heir ID and set-top box access for security purposes making the customer’s access to their subscription private and safe from hackers. One can access over thirty channels using Foxtel on their mobile device hence it provides a number of options that can cater for anyone’s preferences wherever they are.

The devices can use various types of internet connection such as Wi-fi, 3G and 4G internet which makes the service provider easy to integrate into any system. Provided the connection is higher than 2.0 mbps Foxtel can stream in videos into any device. It can be done at no additional cost provided the customer has a valid subscription. It has no time session limit hence access to videos is unlimited without getting interrupted by anything. All channels on the application are a live simulcast of the standard channels giving the viewer a high performance viewing experience just as they would watch the channels on television. It has a number of advantages that have made it popular among customers who own such devices. They include; Foxtel is more flexible because it can be accessed through a number of products.