Top 20 Consolidated 28 Subscription TV Programs

oztam Top 20 Consolidated 28 Pay TV Programs

To provide a wider picture of what shows are being watched on subscription TV and when, OzTAM compiles a list of the top 20 shows which takes much longer to arrive – four weeks after the ranked shows went to air. The reason for this is a simple one which especially applies to subscription TV – a huge percentage of viewers record or time-shift shows to watch later.

That’s made especially popular on platforms like Foxtel’s iQ devices by the ease of setting recordings at the touch of a button or starting a show from the beginning if you come in half way through. Depending on the show, the number of people watching via a recording can be substantial.

Subscription TV Consolidated 28

The Consolidated 28 Subscription TV programs list takes the Overnight viewing numbers and adds both the 7-day and 28-day “consolidated” numbers – which are generated when OzTAM’s people meter detects that a ratings panel member is watching a time-shifted recording of a show.

The Consolidated 28 numbers, then, are arguably the most accurate in terms of how well a show actually rated – with some heavily time-shifted shows getting the vast majority of their viewership from recordings watched in the following week or weeks after the show goes to air.

Because of the nature of the list, the numbers are for shows that aired nearly a month ago – but for long term planning they can be vital to a network and offer a fascinating insight into how shows are watched.

Viewer numbers for this list are sourced from shows originally aired over a full 24-hour period – particularly important when you have recording and time-shifting being used so extensively.

Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs
All Subscription Programs

  • Report: Top 20 Consolidated 28 Programs 
  • Channels: All Subscription Channels
  • Market: National STV
  • Demographics: Total People 
  • Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Date: 3rd November 2021
  • Deliverable: Consolidated 28, Consolidated 7 and Overnight 
RankDescriptionChannelConsolidated 28Consolidated 7Overnight000s Increase on Consolidated 7000s Increase on Overnight
1GOGGLEBOX AUSTRALIALifestyle Channel214,000211,000157,0003,00057,000
2LOVE IT OR LIST IT AUSTRALIALifestyle Channel109,00099,00086,00010,00023,000
4THE BOLT REPORTSky News Live73,00073,00072,00001,000
5ALAN JONESSky News Live68,00068,00065,00003,000
6PAUL MURRAY LIVESky News Live66,00066,00066,00001,000
7CREDLINSky News Live65,00065,00065,00000
9LIVE: ICC T20 WORLD CUP: NZL V SCOFOX CRICKET59,00059,00058,00001,000
10LIVE: INNINGS BREAKFOX CRICKET46,00046,00046,00000
11LIVE: ICC T20 WORLD CUP: NZL V SCOFOX CRICKET40,00040,00040,00000
12PML LATERSky News Live37,00037,00036,00002,000
13THE KENNY REPORTSky News Live35,00035,00035,00000
14AFTERNOON AGENDASky News Live33,00033,00033,00000
15AM AGENDASky News Live31,00031,00031,00000
16CORONATION STREETUKTV30,00026,00019,0004,00011,000
17AFTERNOON AGENDASky News Live30,00030,00030,00000
18THOMAS & FRIENDSCBeebies30,00021,00012,0008,00018,000
19THE BIG BANG THEORYFOX Funny30,00027,00027,0002,0002,000
20NEWSDAYSky News Live29,00029,00029,00000

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