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Amazon Prime Delivery

Retail giant Amazon launched its Prime delivery and entertainment service in Australia last year, and while this will put a competitive strain on other online retailers regarding delivery options, the Amazon Prime offerings are not quite at the level that the rest of the world enjoys. For $6.99 per month or $59 per year, Australian consumers get free, two-business-day delivery on all their Amazon purchases across the year, the video streaming service Prime Video, ebook service Prime Reading, and live video game streaming service Twitch Prime. There is no lock-in contract so you’re free to cancel at any time and the first month is free!

If you are a regular shopper on Amazon, then the Prime offer is great value considering how much you pay. If you are an occasional Amazon shopper, on the other hand, then you’re better off paying the $9.99 delivery charge for next day delivery. The two-day delivery is available to customers in most major cities including Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Albury-Wodonga, Gold Coast, New Castle, Gosford, Bendigo, Toowoomba, Wagga Wagga and Shepparton-Mooroopna.

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Free Release Date Delivery

Amazon Prime Delivery offers free release-date delivery, so you can enjoy the latest before everyone else. Whether it’s a new movie, TV series, book or game, those who like to be the first to get their hands on the latest releases can pre-order their items 2 days prior to release and patiently wait for their goodies to arrive – in only two days.

For those who just cannot wait, there is the Priority Delivery option where you can expect your purchase to arrive within one business day and get $2 off on the delivery fee. This option is available in Metro areas only and Saturday deliveries are also included.

Ordering from the States? With Priority International Delivery on select orders, you get $10 off orders over $49 from Amazon US.

Amazon Prime Delivery – Could you be more spoilt?

Amazon Prime Delivery caters beautifully to people who prefer shopping online and do so often. They have made shopping an even more enjoyable experience by throwing in freebies and discounts, while guaranteeing fast delivery. What’s more, with your Prime membership you can make use of top notch entertainment in the way of Amazon originals that can be streamed using Prime Video. For the cost of a coffee, Amazon Prime, at $6.99 per month, leaves you with little to no excuses to not give it a go.   

Amazon Prime Delivery Australia Review

As work and life continuously become more hectic, we look for better ways to get things done. And when we say better that only means one thing — fast and free. This is where Amazon Prime Delivery comes in. Whatever you need to make your crazy schedule tolerable, Amazon can deliver reliably fast. And shopping is just one part of Amazon’s notable service offerings. With Prime, you can stream music and videos exclusively, too. As you do, you accumulate benefits in return that can help you save big bucks!

Amazon Prime Delivery


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