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The streaming service Quickflix has a long history in Australia and still enjoys a loyal client base. But since the arrival of Stan, Netflix, and more recently Foxtel Now, Quickflix revamped its strategy. The platform no longer offers TV shows and movies to stream via a monthly subscription. Instead, it lets users pay for titles, generally new release movies, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Or, you can rent DVDs for a monthly fee if that’s your thing. However, for streamers, only Hollywood blockbusters are available to purchase or rent.

This can be good if you only watch movies occasionally. However, if you’re an avid streamer, the cost for all those titles quickly adds up. If that’s you, then it’s likely you would be better off with a subscription-based service. That way, you have access to an entire catalogue of movies and TV shows to stream whenever you want.

Currently, one of the best streaming services in Australia is Foxtel Now. It has a low entry price, allows you to watch content both live and on demand, and offers Live sport, which none of the other platforms do.

A great alternative to Quickflix is BigPond Movies. Although they operate on the same principle (rent/buy new release movies), BigPond is always offering special offers that bring you rentals for free. Plus, their catalogue seems more comprehensive.

Last but not least, on the lifestyle side nothing beats hayu, the streaming platform hosting all those addictive reality shows. With an incredibly low monthly price, the service brings you fresh episodes from your favourite series same day as the US.

All in all, while Quickflix can still be appealing if you rent DVDs or only buy movies sporadically, the alternatives bring you more bang for your buck. Compare more streaming services below.

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Compare streaming video services below:

ProviderContentPrice Per MonthFree TrialOffer
FoxtelContent: TV, movies, SportPrice Per Month: From $26Free Trial: N/AView details
NetflixContent: TV, moviesPrice Per Month: From $9.99Free Trial: 1 month FREE trialView details
BigPond MoviesContent: TV, MoviesPrice Per Month: Buy/Rent depending on titleFree Trial: N/AView details
StanContent: TV, moviesPrice Per Month: From $10Free Trial: 1 month FREE trialSee Content